QBARS - v13n1 Report of 1958 Rhododendron Show - Seattle Chapter

Report of 1958 Rhododendron Show - Seattle Chapter

The Seattle Rhododendron Society staged its 1958 show May 16-19 at the Bellevue Shopping Square Pavilion, Bellevue, Washington. Co-sponsor was the Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman: Mrs. Hugh Baird
Staging: Harold Johnson
Sponsors: Arthur Dome, Albert Hull
Patrons: Mark Collarino, Mrs. Charles Dick, Mrs. Charles Sully, Mrs. Hazel Pringle, Edward Dunn, Harrison Overturf.
Information: Arthur Luther, Mrs. Linley Janzen
Exhibitors (Commercial): Arthur Dome, Albert Hull
Exhibitors (Amateur): Mrs. Jay T. DeFriel, Mrs. H. R. Barneby, Mrs. Sam Parker, Mrs. Charles Dick, Mrs. Wm. Culliton, Mrs. Chas. Callahan.
Educational Exhibit Frank Doleshy
Receiving & Classification Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson, Mrs. Page Ballard, Mrs. Albert Brauss, Mrs. Donald Davis, Mrs. Perry Boyer, Don McClure.
Publicity and Arrangements Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
J. Herbert Bowen Tacoma, Wash.
Carl Fawcett Tacoma, Wash.
O. E. Holmdahl Seattle, Wash.
H. L. Larson Tacoma, Wash.
Harry R. Madison Seattle, Wash.
H. D. Seale Victoria, B. C.

Staging of the show was similar to that of last year, with plots of various sizes arranged for maximum artistic effect as well as for most efficient flow of traffic. There were twelve commercial exhibits and the U. of W. Arboretum. No admission was charged.
There were not many specimen plants, due to the unseasonably warm weather, and the whole cut truss section was replaced May 19 for the benefit of visitors from the National Council of State Garden Clubs convention. These visitors were most appreciative of the many beautiful flowering shrubs that can be grown in the Northwest and many said they had never seen such a beautiful flower show.
Trophies were awarded by President Don McClure Friday night at ceremonies staged by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. The Queen of the Rhododendrons was crowned and music was furnished by a high school band and choral groups.
An invitation was extended to the Portland Society members to attend the show. Those who made the trip were honored by Mrs. Charles Sully at a tea in her charming Mercer Island home. Other guests were members of the Board and the Show Committee.
A new and outstanding feature of the show was Frank Doleshy's educational exhibit entitled "The Rhododendron Story". The exhibit consisted of a map with ribbons leading from small potted specimens of Rhododendrons kotschyi , keleticum , chaetomallum (KW 21077), sinogrande (KW 21111), camtschaticum and trichostomum to their native habitats. There was also a display of seeds one and two-year old seedlings, and samples of various materials used for growing medium, fertilizing and mulching rhododendrons. A handsome looking mulch was created by dyeing wood shavings with iron sulphate. The exhibit drew many exclamations of surprise at the variation in size of leaves of rhododendrons.
This show was dedicated to Endre Ostbo, for it was the last for this noted hybridizer and most generous and faithful member of the Society.

Landscape Displays

PRENTICE NURSERY & LANDSCAPING (Third Place) Waterfall and bronze crane. Rhododendrons Morgan hybrids, white through purple, 'Purple Splendor', 'Betty Robertson', 'A. Bedford', 'Griersims', 'Blue Peter', Azaleodendron 'Broughtonii Aureum', Pinus tabulaeformis densata , Japanese cutleaf weeping maple, sedum, sagina moss, Azalea 'Treasure', English spreading yew.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON ARBORETUM (Non-Competitive) Menziesia lasiophylla , R. 'Countess of Derby', 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling', mucronatum , calendulaceum hybrid, fortunei hybrid, decorum , 'Vulcan', Vaccinium floribundum , Azalea 'Exquisita', Japanese maples, Primula polyneura .
PACIFIC NORTHWEST NURSERIES (Honorable Mention) R. 'Mme. Chauvin', 'Purpureum Grandaflorum', 'Queen of the May', Euonymous alatus compacta , Japanese maples, grandiflorum weeping Norway spruce, purple beech, Scilla campanulata .
HOPKINS NURSERY R. Prof. 'Zarrier', 'Blue Peter', 'Alice', Azalea mollis x occidentale , Acer circinnatum , Table Mountain pine, Azalea 'Glamour', Viburnum davidii , Mugho pine.
WIGHT NURSERY & LANDSCAPE SERVICE R. 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling', Japanese maples, dwarf box, azaleas, Mugho pine, juniper, sagina moss, small fountain.
HOMESTEAD NURSERY & FLORAL (First Place) Rocks and logs. R. 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Diane' x 'Damaris', 'Mrs. A. Bedford', 'Mme. Fr. J. Chauvin', 'Dormouse', 'Prof. Hugo de Vries', pink Ostbo hybrid, Lily No. 3, Andromeda polifolia , maidenhair fern, Azaleodendron 'Martha' (named at show), Kalmia, Tsuga mertensiana , Japanese maples, Vaccinium vitisidaea , Azalea 'Wendy', Azaleodendron (Ostbo hybrid with Fabia blood).
BONNYBROOK NURSERY (Second Place) R. 'Pink Pearl' and williamsianum , Halesia carolina , Enkianthus campanulatus , Gaultheria procumbens , Raphiolepis ovata and 'Coates Crimson', Azalea 'Gumpo', Hydrangea petiolaris , Nandina domestica , Pittosporum tobira , Pierris forrestii , Pieris japonica , Aralia japonica .
RHOD-A-ZALEA GARDENS (Second) R. 'Eureka Maid', 'Louis Pasteur', 'Pink Pearl', 'Duchess of Edinburgh', 'Mrs. Lionel de Rothschild', 'Mme. de Bruin', 'Queen of the May', 'E. C. Sterling', 'Humbold', 'Mars', impeditum , Azaleas 'Dr. M. 'Oasthoek', 'Phebe', 'Hortalanus', 'H. Witte', 'Il Tasso', 'Floradora', 'A. G. Whitelegg', Juniper costa 'Maine'.
RAINIER MOUNTAIN ALPINE GARDENS (Third Place) R. ledoides , 'Mary C.' (sargentianum seedling), rufescens , saluenense , saluenense x carolinianum , keleticum , 'Patricia C.' ( campylogynum seedling), cremastum , kotschyi , charitostreptum , villosum , scyphocalyx , Azaleas 'Basilisk', 'Rosebud', 'Chichibu', 'Progress', Pinus aristata , Mugho pine, weeping hemlock, Abies hudsoniana nana , Picea abies nidiformis , maxwellii and procumbens , Tsuga canadensis nana , Thuya onlendoriffii , Chamacyparis obtusa nana gracilis , Sciadopitys verticillata , Chamaecyparis cyano viridis .
SEVEN FIRS NURSERY Featured wood bench, plant carrier and trowel, with gloves on the ground as though the gardener had left momentarily. R. 'Lady Primrose', 'Blue Peter', own blue hybrids, Knaphill azaleas, Pieris japonica , small flowered lavender azaleas.
E. PERRINE, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT & CONTRACTOR (First Place) This display was designed in the contemporary manner showing oriental influence. The decorative center of interest was three black rimmed round trays of graduated sizes containing white marble chips. The marble chips were an adaptation of the Japanese use of small white pebbles or white gravel to represent water where there is none. Plant materials were a bonsai Japanese maple, Abies frazeri , R. 'Lady Bligh' and 'Queen Mary', Vaccinium vitis-ideae , Cornus florida rubra , variegated hosta, sedum, Zlatia beech.
SEARS ROEBUCK LANDSCAPING DIVISION (Honorable Mention) This display had an oriental motif using a moon gate, oriental garden statues, and a bamboo screen background. There were lanterns and a display mannequin in a Japanese kimono. Plant materials were birch, R. 'Golden Jubilee', luteum , 'Pink Pearl', 'Purple Splendor', wine and pink chrysanthemums, ageratum, fuchsias, a pine tree in a tub, turf ground cover.

SECTION B: Specimen Plants (Amateurs)
Class 1. One specimen plant of any rhodo. species less than three feet in height in its normal habit.
No entry.
Class 2. One specimen plant of any rhodo. hybrid less than three feet in height in its normal habit.
1. Mrs. Wm. Culliton - R. saluenense x R. cremastum
Class 3. One specimen plant of any rhodo. species exceeding three feet in height.
No entry.
Class 4. One specimen plant of any rhodo. hybrid exceeding three feet in height.
1. G. S. Redman -'Vulcan
2. Don McClure - 'Mrs E. C. Sterling'.
3. Mrs. Chas. Sully - 'Pygmalion'
Class 5. On specimen plant of a dwarf alpine type species of rhodo., not to exceed 18 inches in height.
No entry.
Class 6. One specimen plant of any species in Series Azalea.
1. Mr. Linley Janzen - R. nudiflorum
Class 7. One specimen plant of any recognized hybrid or form in Series Azalea.
1. Prentice Nursery - Azalea 'Gruger'
2. Mrs. Linley Janzen - R. 'Narcissiflorum'
Class 8. One specimen plant of any recognized azaleodendron.
1. Mrs. Sam Parker-'Broughtonii Aureum'
Class 9. One flowering plant of any hybrid rhodo. not previously exhibited, this plant to be the result of a cross made in the State of Washington.
1. Lem Nurseries - 'Nereid' - discolor x 'Goldworth Yellow'
2. Endre Ostbo - seedling 'R. W. Dyke' x 'Mrs. Donald Graham'
3. Endre Ostbo - 'Edward Dunn'
HM. Endre Ostbo - 'King of Shrubs' x discolor hybrid.
Class 10. One flowering plant of any hybrid azalea not previously exhibited, this plant to be the result of a cross made in the State of Washington.
No entry.
Class 11. One flowering plant of any azaleodendron not previously exhibited, this plant to be the result of a cross made in the State of Washington.
No entry.
Class 12. One specimen plant of any unidentifiable rhodo. hybrid or species. (Plants in this class are not eligible for Best Plant in Show Trophy).
SECTION C: Cut Blooms
Class 13. One flower truss of any species in Series Fortunei.
3. Mrs. Hugh Baird
Class 14. One spray of any species in Series Cinnabarinum or hybrid thereof.
No entry.
Class 15. One spray of any species in Series Triflorum.
2. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jacobson
3. Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Class 16. One truss of Rhododendron Loderi or any form of it.
No entry.
Class 17. One truss of any cream-colored rhododendron.
No entry.
Class 18. One truss of any yellow rhododendron.
1. Donald Graham - 'Zuyder Zee'
2. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Calvert - 'Lady Edward'
3. Mrs. Allen Engle - 'Lady Primrose'
Class 19. One truss of any pink rhododendron.
1. Don McClure - 'C. P. Raffil' x 'Azor'
2. Mrs. . HR. Barnaby - 'Jan Dekens'
3. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jacobson - 'Alice'
Class 20. One truss of any rose rhododendron.
2. Mrs. Chas. D. Sully - 'John Waterer'
3. Mrs. E. L. Ervine - 'Souvenir of Anthony Waterer'

Class 21. One truss of any red rhododendron.

1. Donald Graham - 'Mars'
2. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Calvert - 'Karkov'
3. Don McClure - 'Jean Marie Montague'
Class 22. One truss of any white rhododendron.
1. Mrs. Don Grant - 'Queen of the May'
2. Edwin Arntsen - 'Sweet Simplicity'
3. William Patton - 'Mother of Pearl'
Class 23. One truss or spray of a salmon, orange or apricot rhodo.
1. Edwin Arntsen - 'Mrs. W. C. Slocock'
2. Mrs. Carl Ballard - 'Fabia'
3. Mrs. Geo. Watson - 'Golden Jubilee'
Class 24. One truss of any mauve, lavender or purple colored rhodo.
1. Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Bledsoe - 'Purple Splendor'
2. Donald Graham - 'Blue Peter'
3. Mrs. Perry Boyer - 'Purple Splendor'
Class 25. One truss of any pink or white hybrid rhodo. with blotched flowers.
1. Wm. Patton - 'Betty Wormald'
2. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Calvert - 'Sappho'
3. Paul Shoudy - 'Betty Wormald'
HM. Donald Graham - 'Mrs. Philip Martineau'
Class 26. One truss of an azaleodendron.
2. Wm. Patton - 'Broughtonii Aureum'
3. Mrs. Wm. Culliton - 'Broughtonii Aureum'
Class 26a. One truss of a species azalea.
1. Mrs. Wm. Culliton - R. indicum
HM. Mrs. Wm. Culliton - R. luteum
Class 27. One truss or spray of any deciduous azalea hybrid or form.
1. Donald Graham - 'Percil'
2. Donald Graham - 'Unique'
HM. Frank Doleshy - R. occidentale hybrid
Class 28. One truss or spray of any evergreen azalea hybrid form.
1. B. O. Mulligan - 'Anchorite'
2. B. O. Mulligan - 'Glamour'
Class 29. One truss of any new hybrid rhododendron raised from seed by the exhibitor. Parentage to be stated.
1. H. L. Larson - 'M. Koster' x 'Snow Queen'
2. Lem Nursery - 'Darlyne' ( griersonianum x 'Armistice Day)
3. Endre Ostbo - 'King of Shrubs' x discolor hybrid
Best amateur truss in show:
Mr. William Patton - 'Betty Wormald'
Prize: R. 'Mrs. Furnival'
Best professional truss in show Mr. H. L. Larson
'M. Koster' x 'Snow Queen'
Best plant in show:
Homestead Nursery - 'Mrs. Furnival'
Seattle Trust & Saving Bank Perpetual Cup
Best landscape display
Homestead Nursery
Frederick & Nelson Perpetual Cup
Best hybrid not previously exhibited, the result of a cross made in the State of Washington
Lem Nursery
'Nereid' ( discolor ' x ' Goldworth Yellow')
Seattle Rhodo. Society Cup