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Amateis Designer of Bailey Medal

Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal
Fig. 43  Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal

Mention has already been made, in the Bulletin, of the Liberty Hyde Bailey medal, awarded at the last meeting of the American Horticultural Council, for outstanding service to Horticulture, to one of our members, Dr. John Wister. What was not told was that this medal was designed by another one of our members, Mr. Edmond Amateis of Brewster, New York. Mr. Amateis is not only a noted sculptor but also a rhododendron fancier and breeder. One of his selections, 'Dora Amateis', won the prize for the best American hybrid exhibited at the International Flower Show in New York City in the spring of 1958.
The Bailey medal is shown in the accompanying cut, (Fig 43) in honor of the late Dr. Bailey, the Dean of American Horticulturists, Dr. Wister who received it, Mr. Amateis who designed it, and Dr. Albert Irving (another A.R.S. member and President of the American Horticultural Council) who provided the funds for the medal.