QBARS - v13n3 Two Rhododendron Funds Established

Two Rhododendron Funds Established

As has been announced previously in the Bulletin the late C. I. Sersanous, President of the Society from 1949 to 1958 bequeathed a sum of $5000 to the Portland Chapter for "research and improvement" in the Test Garden in Portland. At a meeting of the Directors of the Portland Chapter on March 13, 1959 action was taken to place this money in a special fund to be known as the C. I. Sersanous Fund, the interest from which will be used for the purposes designated in the will. The principal will be drawn upon only in case of emergency or very urgent need. Gifts and bequests to this fund may be made as memorials to friends or loved ones, or simply as an evidence of interest in the Test Garden.
It was felt that there was also need for another fund which could be used for research, promotion, recognition or to in any way advance the cause of Rhododendron growing in any part of North America. Accordingly the Directors of the American Rhododendron Society, on March 8, 1959 voted to set up a Fund to be known as the Rhododendron Foundation and to solicit gifts and bequests. The interest from this Fund would be used as designated above, and the principal would be drawn upon only in case of very urgent need. Contributions to this Fund may be made in memory of individuals, or simply as an evidence of interest in its objectives.