QBARS - v13n3 Some Photographs from Dr. J. F. Rock

Some Photographs From Dr. J. F. Rock

In the April Quarterly Bulletin of the Society there appeared a group of photographs from Dr. Rock that had been sent to the late president of the Society C. I. Sersanous. The following are the remainder of that rare original group as received by the Society. - Editor

Glacier Gorge Sa-la-lo-gkr
Fig. 35.  The Glacier Gorge Sa-la-lo-gkr.
Elevation 11,500 feet. The home of
R. traillianum and R. cuneatum .
June 1922, Northwest Yunnan.
Rock photo

Rhododendron tapetiforme R. fastigiatum and haematodes
Fig. 36. Rhododendron tapetiforme .
Flowers purplish blue.  R. 9248 on
Pai-ma-Shan northwest Yunnan,
elevation 15,800 feet.  June 1923.
Rock photo
Fig. 37. R. fastigiatum and haematodes
on the summit of the Ts'ang Shan range
west of Ta-li, Western Yunnan, April 1922.
Rock photo

Lion mountain and the Lu-lu lake of of Yungning
Fig.  38.  Lion mountain and the Lu-lu lake of
of Yungning as seen from the island of Ryoropu.
On the summit of the limestone mountains
grows Rhododendron Roxieanum to the exclusion
of any other rhododendrons;  Northwest
Yunnan, 1931.  Elevation of the summit of Lion
Mountain called Seng-ge kar-mo by the natives
is 13,000 feet.
Rock photo

The Li-la or Hsi Pass, Mekong Salwin divide R. delavayi growing on Ta-yin-Shan
Fig. 39. The Li-la or Hsi Pass, Mekong
Salween divide. Here grows R. repens .
Elevation 14,500 feet.  September, 1923
Rock photo
Fig. 40. R. delavayi growing on Ta-yin-Shan,
Southwestern Yunnan, china, elevation 8,000
feet.  In the distance the Shwelli-Salwin,
January 1923.
Rock photo