QBARS - v13n3 First Swiss Horticultural Show in Zurich

First Swiss Horticultural Show in Zurich

Swiss horticultural exhibit
Fig. 42.  Flowers and Fountains.  Unique floral patterns and charming fountains
among the visual treats for tourists who visit the Swiss Horticultural Exhibit at
Zurich which will be open until the middle of October.

One of the largest flower shows in the world is currently being held on the shores of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, and will continue until the middle of October. More than a million and a half square feet of ground have been converted into a panorama of beautiful flowers for the first Swiss Horticultural Exhibition.
As part of the exhibit which covers both shores of Lake Zurich, French Gardens modeled after those of aristocratic 18th century Paris have been created and by way of contrast, there will be a variety of modern suburban landscaping on display. (Fig. 42)
Special features of the Horticultural Exhibition include music, ballet and theatrical performances, fashion shows and unusual flower exhibits from all over the world.
Transportation between both shores is provided by chair lifts and several restaurants have been especially constructed to serve rare Swiss specialties to visiting tourists.
In addition to this year's Horticultural Exhibition, there are other exceptional Swiss garden spots which may be seen in bloom every year from the beginning of June through October. The Alpine Garden of Schynige Platte, 6000 feet above Interlaken, has one of Europe's most remarkable collections of mountain flowers. Of the 900 or so known Alpine plants, 550 types can be seen here.
In southern Switzerland on the Brissago Islands in Lake Maggiore - only 150 miles from the Alpine display visitors can see lush tropical gardens surrounded by a warm and romantic countryside.