QBARS - v13n3 Tacoma Chapter American Rhododendron Society Show

Tacoma Chapter ARS Show

The tenth annual show of the Tacoma Chapter, American Rhododendron Society was held in the Lobby of the Bank of California N. A., May 16th and 17th, 1959. For a second year the show was competitive. The judges were Bruce Leber, Harry Madison, and Ralph Jacobson. Our hats are off to the fine job they did. Our Chapter is grateful to the Bank of California for providing the spacious and beautiful setting for our shows. As always all the members got behind the show committee all the way, and everyone felt the show was another big success.
The day preceding the show was rainy and very windy. Instead of causing disaster, the plants and trusses brought to the show seemed more fresh, and in better condition than ever before.
The following members acted as heads of the various committees: Ted Van Fossen, Bank crews and Properties; Russ Coovert, Publicity and Truck Dispatcher; John Eichelser, Plants for Awards; Beth Bower and Gladys Johnson, Refreshments; Chuck Edmunds, Cut Trusses; Howard Harmon and the Tacoma Park Department, Center Lobby Display; Carl Fawcett, Cups, Trophies, Ribbons and Judges; Chuck Trumpore, Hospitality; Ted Fawcett and Bob Ramsey, Society Display Designed by Landscapers Northwest; George and Florence Pease, Species Display; Myrtle Turner, Schedules; Florence Pease, Secretary; Art Turner, Boxes used under plants.
Commercial displays were shown by H. L. Larson; A. R. Heineman; I. S. Broxson with Tacoma Seed Company; Budil Nursery, Tacoma, with Clark's Rainbow Nursery, Olympia; and the Tacoma Azalea Gardens.

Tacoma Chapter ARS Show
List Of Classifications And Awards
CLASS 1 Best Plant Hybrid Seedling (not shown before) CLASS 13-Best White
Washington Hardware Company Trophy. Must be won two consecutive years for permanent possession 1. None
2. 'Beauty of Littleworth'-Gordon Goss
Won by H. L. Larson-Yakushimanum seedling 3. 'Queen of the May'-Russ Coovert
CLASS 2 Best Specimen Hybrid over three feet 3. None
Cup 1. 'Jean Marie Montague'-Ted Fawcett CLASS 14-Best Orange
2. 'Goldfort'-H. L. Larson 1. None
3. 'Mrs. Betty Robertson'-Elwood Budil 2. 'Belvedere'-Carl Fawcett
CLASS 3 Best Specimen Hybrid under three feet CLASS 15-Best Dwarf Red
Cup 1. 'Marinus Koster'-Ted Fawcett 1. 'Vega'-Carl Fawcett
2. 'Roseann'-John Eichelser CLASS 16 Best Dwarf Pink
3. 'Alice'-Ann Dammier 1. camtschaticum -K. N. Janeck
CLASS 4 Best Specimen Species over three feet 2. cremastum -K. N. Janeck
None 3. trichostomum --K. N. Janeck
CLASS 5 Best Specimen Species under three feet CLASS 17 Best Dwarf Blue-Purple
Cup 1. Mucronatum Ripense-H. L. Larson 1. russatum -George W. Pease
CLASS 6 Best True Dwarf, Hybrid or Species 2. saluenense --George W. Pease
one foot or under 3. impeditum -Carl Fawcett
Cup 1. sargentianuin -George Pease CLASS 18 Best Dwarf Yellow
2. glaucophyllum -George Pease 1. brachyanthum -K. N. Janeck
3. Radicans-series saluenense -George Pease CLASS 19 Best Dwarf White
CLASS 7 Best Plant in Show (from class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) None
Schoenfelds Trophy. Must be won two consecutive years for permanent possession. CLASS 20 Best Dwarf Orange
1. None
Won by 'Jean Marie Montague'-Ted Fawcett 2. 'Medusa'-Carl Fawcett
CLASS 8 Best Commercial Display CLASS 21 Best Azaleadendron
Bank of California Trophy Won for second year 1. 'Glory of Littleworth'-Carl Fawcett
Budil Nursery, Tacoma and permanent possession 2. 'Broughtonii Aureum'-Mrs. E. E. Johnson
by with Clark's Rainbow Nursery, Olympia 3. 'Oregon Queen'-Mrs. E. E. Johnson
2. H. L. Larson CLASS 22 Best Knaphill (Exbury)
3. Tacoma Azalea Garden 1. 'Old Gold'-Gordon Goss
BEST AZALEA PLANT IN SHOW 2. Exbury White-Gordon Goss
1. 'Carolyn Gable'-John Eichelser 3. 'Princess Royal'-Carl Fawcett
2. 'Mizu-no-yamabuke'-Vern Wood CLASS 23 Best Knaphill Seedling (Exbury)
3. 'Alanwold Brick'-Vern Wood 1. Russ Coovert
2. Gordon Goss


3. Russ Coovert
CLASS 9 Best Red CLASS 24 Best Deciduous Azalea (Spray)
1. 'Jean Marie Montague'-Orris E. Thompson 1. 'Norma'-Gordon Goss
2. 'Cynthia'-Chris Troseth 2. Occidentale --K. N. Janeck
3. 'Jean Marie Montague'-Carl Fawcett 3. 'Altaclarense'-Gordon Goss
CLASS 10 Best Pink CLASS 25 Best Evergreen Azalea
1. 'Opal Fawcett'-Carl Fawcett 1. Mucronatum-K. N. Janeck
2. Seedling-Carl Fawcett 2. Mucronatum Sekidera-K. N. Janeck
3. 'Cynthia'-Gordon Coss 3. 'Herbert' Gable Hybrid-Orris E. Thompson
CLASS 11 Best Blue-Purple CLASS 26 Best Truss in Show
1. 'Blue Peter'-A. E. Turner Cup Won by Opal Fawctt-Carl Fawcett
2. 'Purple Splendor'-Ted Fawcett CLASS 27 Highest Total Points in Truss Section
3. 'Blue Peter'-Chris Troseth Cup won by Carl Fawcett-Total 28 points
CLASS 12 Best Yellow 2. K. N. Janeck-25 points
1. None 3. Gordon Goss-24 Points
2. 'Mrs. W. C. Slocock'-Gordon Goss
3. 'Butterfly'-Carl Fawcett
3. Gordon Goss-24 Points