QBARS - v13n4 American Rhododendron Society Standing Committees, 1959-1960

American Rhododendron Society Standing Committees, 1959-1960

The American Rhododendron Society
August 5, 1959

Dear Member:
As has been announced in the A.R.S. Bulletin, an International Rhododendron Conference, to be held in Portland, Oregon, is being planned for 1961. It is going to require a great deal of planning and work to accomplish this in a manner of which we shall all be proud. The Directors of the A.R.S. have given it considerable thought and discussion and have authorized me to appoint committees to plan the various activities connected with an undertaking of this kind.
It did not seem feasible to contact every individual personally and get his consent to serve on a committee. This is, therefore, a request to all members on the list to please serve, or let me know that you do not wish to do so. I hope you will serve. If you would prefer a different committee assignment please let me know.
To Committee Chairman: If there are members you would like to add to your committee please feel free to do so, letting me know so the complete committee roster can be published in the Bulletin.

J. Harold Clarke, President

As given for the Conference. To consider also -
Score Cards
Color Classification

To be appointed after consultation with Chapter Presidents.

J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Washington-Registrar

Test Gardens (General development and supervision.)
Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Eugene, Oregon-Chairman
Carl Fawcett, Tacoma, Washington
Mrs. C. T. Hansen, Portland, Oregon;
(Direct supervision of Test Gardens will be in the hands of local committees.)

Rudolph Henny-Chairman
Bob Bovee
Mrs. C. T. Hansen
Mrs. Grothaus
P. H. Brydon

As given for the Conference

W. D. Riddlesbarger-Chairman
John Bates
Wales Wood
James Selder
The Secretary-Treasurer, ex-officio


Awards (To review the awards system and make recommendations to the Board.)
P. H. Brydon-Chairman
Rudolph Henny
Howard Slonecker
Bob Bovee
Oscar Neet

Test Garden, National
Ted Hansen-Chairman

International Rhododendron Conference Committees
May 12, 13, 14, 1961

Over All Committee
The A.R.S. Directors

Brian Mulligan-Chairman
Mrs. Hansen
Dr. Thomas Wheeldon, Richmond, Va.
Dr. Clement Bowers, Maine, N.Y.
P. H. Brydon, Salem, Ore.
Dr. Henry Skinner, Washington, D.C.
Dr. William Corbin, Portland, Ore.

Ted Hansen-Chairman
Dr. Lingren
Dr. Berthelsdorf
William Robinson
Herb Schink
Mrs. William Corbin
Mrs. A. W. Kraxberger

Bob Snodgrass, Portland, Ore. Chairman
George Grace, Portland, Ore.
Cecil Smith, Aurora, Ore.
John Henny, Brooks, Ore.
Wallace Ruff, Eugene, Ore.
Ralph C. Jacobson, Seattle, Wash.
Joe Klupenger, Portland, Ore.
Don McClure, Seattle, Wash.
Dr. R. M. Overstreet, Eugene, Ore.
Arthur Myhre, Puyallup, Wash.
Donald L. Patrick, Portland, Ore.
Mrs. O. R. Neet, Portland, Ore.
Mrs. Ben Torpen, Beaverton, Ore.
Mrs. C. T. Hansen, Portland, Ore.

Bob Bovee-Chairman
John Bates
Ed Dunn
Rudolph Henny
Carl Fawcett
Dr. Phetteplace
Mrs. Kollowratek
Mrs. Cyrus Walker
Mrs. F. G. Bleeg

Mrs. Louis Grothaus-Chairman
Mrs. Robert Bovee
Rudolph Henny
Dr. Milton V. Walker