QBARS - v14n1 15th Portland Chapter Show

15th Portland Chapter Show
May 9-10, 1959
Molly Grothaus

Although more people attended the 15th Annual Rhododendron Show of the Portland Chapter than any previous show, it was generally felt that the chilly and stormy weather over the week-end of May 9 and 10 kept both entries and attendance lower than they would have been with favorable weather. Many fine trusses slated for show entry were damaged by heavy winds and rain the night prior to the opening, but an unusually fine growing season this spring had produced an abundance from which to choose.
Chairman of the show, George D. Grace, was assisted by John M. Bates, Robert Bovee, Robert M. Snodgrass, Ted Hansen, Cecil Smith and O. R. Neet. For the first time use was made of the new five tiered exhibition tables which triple the space available for staging entries under the roofed patio of the cool-house. It is now possible to show from 1500 to 1800 entries. There was a sizable increase in the commercial exhibits shown.
A tent, 30 x 40, was used at the edge of the main lawn area to provide additional shelter for the imaginative arrangements from the Cleveland High School show held in honor of its chosen flower. Robert Bovee's interesting exhibit of dwarf rhododendrons was much more enjoyable staged at table height since few plants were in flower and the chief interest was in the extreme contrasts of leaf size, shape and texture. He also exhibited eight plants grown from seed received from the 1948 Dr. Rock expedition.
The purple sweepstakes ribbon for the best truss was awarded to Wales Wood for his entry Bulstrode Park. As high point winner, Mrs. M. C. Yettick received the Dr. William L. Corbin Cup. The Pacific First Federal Cup for the best group of 5 dwarf or semi-dwarf plants was awarded to Robert Bovee. Although the Patty Corbin Cup has been offered for several years, it was awarded for the first time at this show. Rudolph Henny took the cup with his group of four repens hybrid blooms.
The Dr. George Goodman Cup awarded for the best American seedling not previously shown went to John Henny for his 'Cotton Candy' P.A. which has magnificent size and a full conical truss of large waxy flowers.
Serving as judges for the cut truss section were Dr. William L. Corbin, Dr. E. P. Breakey, Edward P. Dunn, Mrs. A. A. Grossman, J. H. Haines, Dr. Aarne Lindgren, and Mrs. Wales Wood.
There were many fine entries by the garden clubs of the area in the flower arrangement classes which were limited to the use of Rhododendrons, azaleas or both in hall arrangements. Both the number of entries and their quality was high but the Wiggins Cup went to the Southwest Hills Garden Club whose entry was judged the best by the judges, Mrs. Wesley Foumal, Mrs. Albert Combs and Mrs. Fred Sperr. Near the west shore of the island a concentrated splash of color marked the area taken over by the commercial exhibitors. Hillside Nursery shaded their display from the brilliant R. 'Jean Marie de Montague' and R. 'Elizabeth' thru the pink edge tones of 'Rainbow' to the creamy tone of 'Gladys' and accented these with the blue of Rh. augustinii, 'Blue Ensign' and Rh. 'Blue Peter', using such azaleas as 'Adonis' and 'Palestrina' in front. Klupinger Nursery massed the crimson 'Jean Marie de Montague' and used red and white azaleas in the foreground. West Hills Nursery displayed a number of fine Enkianthus campanulatus , mugho pines and masses of Azaleas 'Betty', 'Chloris', and 'Helena' among others. Rhododendron Nursery enclosed semi-circles of Azaleas 'Treasure', 'Betty', 'Lorna', and others with a large semi-circle centering the bright 'Jean Marie de Montague' flanked by the softer yellow tones of 'Zuider Zee' and 'Souvenir of W. C. Slocock' on one side and the dark-eyed white 'Sappho' and pink 'Bow Bells' on the other.
The Portland Federal Cup for the best commercial exhibit was won by the 7 DEEs Nursery whose exhibit was planned to blend with the entry made by Esch Nursery. A group of Kalmiopsis leachiana was bordered with dwarf candytuft. Heather 'Mrs. Pat' and azaleas 'Snowdrift' and 'Irene Koster' were backed by R.  carolinianum . The red tones of 'Jean Marie de Montague' were backed by Japanese maples and the creamy tone of R. 'Mrs. Betty Robertson' was repeated by the tri-colored dogwoods and the climbing Hydrangea petiolaris . The outstanding specimen in the exhibit was undoubtedly the very fine plant of Menziesia purpurea carrying an unusual number of nodding purplish bells.

Results Of The 15th Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show

CLASS 1 (Species)
Group A.

augustinii subseries 1st. Wales Wood
augustinii 2nd. The Hansens
augustinii 3rd Geo. Grace
Group B.
concinnoides 1st. The Hansens
pseudoyanthinum 2nd. The Hansens
Group C.
yunnanense series 1st. Cecil Smith
davidsonianum 2nd Wales Wood
pallescens 3rd. Wales Wood

elliottii (K.W.19083) 1st. Rudolph Henny
elliottii 2nd. E. H. Long
anthosphaerum 3rd. Rudolph Henny
Group H.
decorum series 1st. Bob Bovee
decorum 2nd. Cecil Smith
fortunei 3rd. H. Slonecker
Group I.
wardii 1st. Mrs. C. Walker
souliei 2nd. The Hansens
K. W. 5656 3rd. Howard Slonecker
Group J.
rex 1st. Howard Slonecker
rex 2nd. Geo. Grace
Group K.
ponticum 1st. Wales Wood
yakushimanum 2nd. E. H. Long;
californicum 3rd. Geo. Grace
Group M.
neriiflorum 1st. Cecil Smith
sperabile 2nd. Wales Wood
Group N.
Alpine 1st. Bob Bovee
Alpine 2nd. Wales Wood
Alpine 3rd H. Slonecker

CLASS 2 (Red Hybrids)
Group A.

'C. B. Van Nes' 1st. Wales Wood
'C. B. Van Nes' 2nd. Geo. Grace
Group B.
'Cynthia' 1st Geo. Grace
'J. Marie de Montague' 2nd. O. R.Neet
'J. H. Van Nes' 3rd. (no name)
Group C.
'Bulstrode Park' 1st. Wales Wood
'David' 2nd. Henry Swanson
'Earl of Athlone' 3rd. Henry Swanson

CLASS 3 (Pink Hybrids)
Group A.

'Faggetters Favorite' 1st. Bob Bovee
'Naomi Nautilus' 2nd. O. R. Neet
'Naomi Var. Glow' 3rd. Cecil Smith
Group B.
'Alice' 1st. Henry Swanson
'Mrs. C. B. Van Nes' 2nd. Wales Wood
'Corona' 3rd. The Hansens
Group C.
'Mrs. G. W. Leak' 1st. Wales Wood
'Madam Chauvin' 2nd. The Hansens
'Chevalier Felix de Savauge' 3rd. H. Slonecker

CLASS 4 (White Hybrids)
Group A.

'Beauty of Littleworth' 1st. Suzanne Yettick
'Loderi King George' 2nd. Cecil Smith
'Snow Queen' 3rd. Mrs. Cyrus Walker
Group B.
'Loders White' 1st. Ed. Parker
'Loders White' 2nd. Howard Slonecker
'Handsworths White' 3rd. The Hansens
Group C.
'Sappho' 1st. O. R. Neet

CLASS 5 (Blue Hybrids)
Group A.

'Blue Peter' 1st. D. L. Patrick
'Blue Peter' 2nd. O. R. Neet
'Blue Diamond' 3rd. Ed Parker

CLASS 6 (Purple, Hybrids)
Group A.

'Susan' 1st. Suzanne Yettick
'Van Nes Sensation' 2nd. Bob Bovee
'Van Nes Sensation' 3rd. Wales Wood

CLASS 7 (Yellow Hybrids)
Group A.

'Canary' 1st. Geo. Grace
'Butterfly' 2nd. Dr. Donald Forster
'Lady Primrose' 3rd. Wales Wood
Group B.
'China' 1st. Henry Swanson
'Damaris' 2nd. H. Slonecker
'Mrs. Betty Robertson' 3rd. H. Slonecker

CLASS 8 (Apricot Hybrids)
Group A.

'Elspeth' 1st. Howard Slonecker
'Day Dream', Biscuit 2nd. H. Slonecker
'Mrs. W. C. Slocock' 3rd. Suzanne Yettick

CLASS 9 (Orange-Salmon Hybrids)
Group A.

'Fabia' 2nd. Geo. Grace

CLASS 11 (Fragrant Rhododendron)
Loderi 'Sir Joseph Hooker' 1st. Geo. Grace
'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare' 2nd. O. R. Neet
'Loderi Game Chick' 3rd. Suzanne Yettick

CLASS 13 (Augustinii Hybrid)
'Blue Diamond' 1st. Suzanne Yettick

CLASS 14 (Campylocarpum Hybrid)
'Carita' 1st. O. R. Neet
'Damaris' 2nd. Bob Bovee
'Dairy Maid' 3rd. Suzanne Yettick

CLASS 15 (Any Naomi Variety)
'Naomi' 1st. Wales Wood
'Naomi' 2nd. Howard Slonecker
'Stella Maris' 3rd. The Hansens

CLASS 17 (Dichroanthum Hybrid)
'Fabia' 1st. Ed. Parker

CLASS 19 (Didymum Hybrid)
'Carmen' 1st. O. R. Neet

CLASS 20 (Eriogynum Hybrid)
'Chanticleer' 1st. Wales Wood

CLASS 22 (Fortunei Hyb. other than Loderi or Naomi varieties)
'Barto Seedling' 1st. Geo. Grace
'Gold Fort' 2nd. O. R. Neet
'Luscombei' 3rd. Howard Slonecker

CLASS 23 (Griersonianum Hybrid)
'Elizabeth' 1st. Ed. Parker
'Azma' 2nd. Suzanne Yettick
'Medusa' 3rd. Wales Wood

CLASS 24 (Griffithianum Hybrid other than Loderi varieties)
'Beauty of Littleworth' 1st. Suzanne Yettick
'Van Nes Sensation' 2nd. Cecil Smith
'Yvonne Opaline' 3rd. Wales Wood

CLASS 25 (Loderi Varieties)
'L. 'Game Chick' 1st. Geo. Grace
'L. 'Pink Diamond' 2nd. Suzanne Yettick
'L. Pink Diamond' 3rd. (No Name)

CLASS 26 Neriiflorum S. Hybrid
haematodes x ? 1st. Wales Wood
'David' 2nd. Howard Slonecker

CLASS 27 Thomsonii S. Hyb. other than (campylocarpum or williamsianum)
'Rosy Morn' 1st. Bob Bovee
'Halcyone' 2nd. Bob Bovee
'Idealist' 3rd. Bob Bovee

CLASS 28 (Williamsianum Hybrid)
'Bow Bells' 1st. The Hansens
'Moonstone' 2nd. Bob Bovee
'Jock' 3rd. Howard Slonecker

CLASS 30 Dr. Geo. Goodman Cup Award Best American seedling never shown at Portland Chapter Show.
'Cotton Candy' P.A. 1st. John Henny
'Fair Lady' P.A. (Loderi x arboreum ) 2nd. Rudolph Henny
'May Day' x 'Carmen' 3rd. Henny & Wennekamp

CLASS 32 (New imported Hybrid never exhibited at Portland Chapter Show)
'Marcia' 1st. Howard Slonecker
'Profusion' 2nd Suzanne Yettick

CLASS 33 (Group of 5 Hybrids entered as single exhibit)
1st. Suzanne Yettick
2nd. Cecil Smith
3rd. Geo. Grace

CLASS 34 (Group of 3 species in any one series)
1st. Henry Swanson
2nd. The Hansens
3rd. Wales Wood

CLASS 35 (Four American Hybrids or seedlings as single exhibit)
'Dr. Ross', 'Roseanne' P.A., 'Little Pudding' P.A., 'C. I. S'., P.A. 1st. Rudolph Henny

CLASS 36 small leaf hybrid
repens 1st. Rudolph Henny
myrtilloides 2nd. No Name
The Patty Corbin Cup won by Rudolph Henny for the best group of four American Rh. forrestii hybrids' Little Sheba' P.A., 'Little Patty', 'Little Janet'

CLASS 39 (Azaleas)
Group A. Evergreen species

'Amone' 1st. H. Slonecker
atlanticum 2nd. The Hansens
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group B. Deciduous species
vaseyi 1st. Geo. Grace
pontica 2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. Ed. Parker
Group C. Kaempferi hybrid:
Group D. Ghent Hybrids

1st. A. W. Kraxberger
2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group E. Occidentale Hybrids
1st. O. R. Neet
2nd. Bob Bovee
3rd. Bob Bovee
Group F. Kurume hybrids
1st. Ed. Parker
2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group G. Indica vars.
1st. The Hansens
2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. Suzanne Yettick.
Group H. Double, Deciduous
1st. Geo. Grace
2nd. Mrs. J. M. Exley
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group I. Macrantha
1st. Suzanne Yettick
2nd. H. Slonecker
Group J. Mucronatum
1st. The Hansens
2nd. The Hansens
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group K. Glen Dale or Gable
1st. Cecil Smith
2nd. Cecil Smith
3rd. A. W. Kraxberger.
Group L. Red or Flame Mollis
1st. Cecil Smith
2nd. The Hansens
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group M. Yellow or Apricot Mollis
1st. H. Slonecker
2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. Suzanne Yettick
Group N. Pink Mollis
1st. Ed. Parker
Group O. Bi-color Mollis
1st. H. Slonecker
2nd. H. Slonecker
3rd. Suzanne Yettick.
Group P. Exbury or Knap Hill, Red or Flame
1st. O. R. Neet
2nd. Suzanne Yettick
3rd. H. Slonecker
Group Q. Exbury or Knap Hill, Yellow
1st. The Hansens
2nd. H. Slonecker
3rd. O. R. Neet
Group R. Exbury or Knap Hill, White
2nd. O. R. Neet.
Group S. Exbury or Knap Hill, Pink
1st. Suzanne Yettick
2nd. O. R. Neet
3rd. Bob Bovee
Group T. Any other Azalea not listed above
1st. A. W. Kraxberger
2nd. Bob Bovee
3rd. A. W. Kraxberger