QBARS - v14n2 16th Annual Meeting of The A.R.S.

Notice of 16th Annual Meeting of The American Rhododendron Society

Members of the Society are reminded that the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society will be held on May 7, 1960 at 8 p.m. in the Portland Garden Club Building, 1132 S.W. Vista Ave., Portland, Oregon. Visitors and members that attend the Show are invited to attend this meeting. A fine program for the evening is assured by the committee in charge.

Committee nominees for board members of the American Rhododendron Society for a period of two years.

C. T. HANSEN - Portland, Oregon Draftsman for Bonneville Power Administration. Chairman of the Test Garden Committee, Vice-President Portland Chapter.

CARL FAWCETT - Tacoma, Washington Jeweler. Past President Tacoma Chapter.

JOHN HENNY - Brooks, Oregon Founder member of the Society. Past National President A.R.S. President Portland Chapter.

CECIL SMITH - Aurora, Oregon Farmer. Three terms on the Board of Directors A.R.S. Fine collection of species in woodland garden. Society Photographer.

GEORGE D. GRACE - Portland, Oregon Founder member of the Society. Building contractor. First Secretary of the A.R.S. Four terms Board of Directors A.R.S. Assembled one of the earliest collections of new rhododendrons in the mid 1930's.

DONALD K. McCLURE - Seattle, Washington Vice President Prudential Mutual Savings. Past President Seattle Chapter A.R.S. Collector of new hybrid rhododendrons.