QBARS - v14n3 Grays Harbor Chapter Show Report

Grays Harbor Chapter Show Report
Rose Haines, Secretary

The third annual rhododendron show of the Grays Harbor Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society drew an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 visitors into the National Bank of Commerce lobby on Saturday, May 14. The show was held between the hours of 12 noon and 9 P.M. and was non-competitive.
Planting beds were arranged on either side of the main lobby and also across the rear lobby, while cut trusses and arrangements were displayed on counters and tables. Probably the outstanding plant of the show was a 50-year-old yellow azalea about 8 feet tall which dominated the Raymond Mann exhibit on the right side of the entrance. This was surrounded by several named varieties of other orange and yellow deciduous azaleas, and an especially interesting shaped R. 'Goldsworth Yellow, was noteworthy among the rhododendrons displayed.
Mrs. Robert Berry supervised construction of a garden scene topped by a fraseri fir and featuring some new and as yet unnamed hybrids including 'Doncaster' x 'Nereid', 'Dido' x 'Tutulu', (Nereid x discolor ) x 'Goldsworth Yellow', dichroanthum x ('Tally Ho' x 'Radium'), and calophytum x sutchuenense , all from the gardens of Lem of Seattle. This planting represented a mountain scene, and was ornamented by flagstone steps with a bowl of water lilies at the base.
William La Vance of Elma presented a neat fence-side garden made up of specie rhododendrons and compact heavy blooming hybrids with companion plants, including the unusual Menziesia purpurea . Several plants of R. 'Elizabeth' backed by A. ledifolia alba made a striking picture and were centered in this display.
The Lehto Nursery showed a Japanese garden scene with a backing of red, white, and lavender rhododendrons and azaleas, and a number of bonsai trees and shrubs. A simulated stream of water was overhung by a weeping pink dogwood in the foreground.
C. O. Burlingame of Copalis Crossing brought a large R. 'Borde Hill', also R. 'Langley Park', R. 'Vanessa', R. oreotrephes , 'Fabia' var. 'Tangerine', and others arranged in a setting of moss and native plants. Howard Hughes of Montesano displayed a selection of well known hybrids and some companion plants. Mike Lentz of Pioneer Florists showed evergreen azaleas and dwarf conifers.
Mrs. J. H. Haines exhibited a large R. 'Naomi' and several varieties of species azaleas and dwarf rhododendrons including a large plant of R. prunifolium and a group of seedling R. cremastum , which drew considerable comment. These were arranged as a garden scene with a large Japanese iron lantern as a focal point.
Other members of the Society who showed plants were Roy McManemy, Ed Maxey with a planter arranged with miniature species, Harley Adamson of Montesano, and Marvin Hansen of Hoquiam.
'Cut trusses and arrangements were contributed by the University of Washington Arboretum, Mrs. Harry Harmon, Mrs. M. M. Pattison, Mrs. Andrew Janzik, Mrs. Joe Janzik, Harley Adamson. C. O. Burligame, Mrs. Robert Berry, Mrs. J. H. Haines, William La Vance, Julia Glasgo and Raymond Mann.
Slides on rhododendrons were shown in the afternoon and again in the evening by Mrs. J. H. Haines, and this was preceded by a talk on rhododendron culture by William La Vance, Refreshments were served through the courtesy of the National Bank of Commerce, and sawdust for the garden beds was donated by the Weyerhaeuser Company.
The committees working on the show were: place and bed arrangement, Ed Maxey; publicity, Mrs. M. M. Pattison; posters, Miss Florence Bailey; sawdust, William La Vance; exhibitors, Rose Haines; lighting, Marvin Hansen; refreshments, Mrs. J. Janzik, assisted by Mrs. C. O. Burlingame; Mrs. E. J. Wold, Mrs. Julia Glasgo; labeling, Mrs. Ed Maxey, Betsy Anderson; background material and moss, C. O. Burlingame, planting arrangement, Mrs. Robert Berry, Mrs. A. Janzik, Harley Adamson; containers for cut trusses, Rose Haines; arrangement of cut trusses, Mr. A. Janzik, Mrs. Pattison; U. W. arboretum cut trusses, Mrs. Robert Berry; clean-up, membership.
A plant for publicity purposes was displayed in the lobby of the bank for a week previous to the show. The plant was lent to the Society by the Raymond Mann nursery and was planted in a handsome container constructed by Ed Maxey especially for the purpose. The door-prize and guest book were dispensed with this year as the line-up for signing created congestion at the door, and it was felt that our reputation for a good show would be sufficient without this extra expense.
In all, seventeen exhibitors showed plants and cut trusses, and visitors seemed to think this the best show we have had so far.