QBARS - v14n3 Minutes of the 16th Annual Meeting of the A.R.S.

Minutes of the 16th Annual Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society
May 7, 1960
Ruth M. Hansen, Secretary-Treasurer, ARS

The 16th Annual Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society was called to order by President, Dr. J. Harold Clarke at 8:20 P.M. in the Portland Garden Club Building. Dr. Clarke showed his new gavel which has been presented to him last January by the Philadelphia Chapter ARS. This gavel had been made from wood of R. maximum .
The meeting was turned over to John Henny, President of the Portland Chapter who then called Dr. Wm. Corbin and Don Patrick, Show Chairman and Co-Chairman to present the cups and awards won at the Chapter Show today. As this list of awards will be printed in the Show Report it is being deleted from these minutes.
Dr. Clarke then read a brief financial report from the recent Society Audit. Details of this report will be published in the July Bulletin. He then announced that advance sales for the book, Rhododendrons 1961 are being accepted, $5.50 on the pre-publication sale which will last till April of next year.
C. T. Hansen, Chairman of the Test Garden Committee told of the new Cushman truckster recently purchased which will be used for hauling plants, gravel, sawdust, etc., in the Test Garden. He thanked the following workers: Howard Slonecker, Oscar Neet, Don Patrick, Bill Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Kraxberger and Ruth Hansen for their faithful help this past year.
George Grace who has been responsible for the Society's exhibit, the past three years, at the Spring Flower Show at Gresham told of the fine display entered this year. He gave full credit for this outstanding exhibit to Art Wright, Art Wright, Jr., and his wife, Rocco Cappelli, Bob Bovee, Bob Snodgrass, E. R. Peterson, Bill Robinson and Don Patrick.
The Secretary read the names of the newly elected Directors which will serve for two years. They are as follows: Carl Fawcett, C. T. Hansen, John Henny, Cecil Smith, George Grace and Donald McClure.
Chapters other than Portland Chapters represented at this meeting are: Seattle, Tacoma, Eugene, California and Great Lakes. Ed Dunn, Vice-president complimented the Portland Chapter on their fine Show. Don McClure of Seattle and Carl Fawcett of Tacoma both thought the Show was the finest in many years. Mr. & Mrs. Case of Saginaw, Michigan, who represented the Great Lakes Chapter also complimented the Portland Chapter. Mr. Ed Long of Oakland. Calif. gave a brief talk on the Oakland Flower Show and the exhibit put on by the California Chapter.
Dr. Clarke then introduced the speaker of the evening, Dr. Ed Breakey of the Western Washington Experiment Station, Puyallup, Wash. The subject of Dr. Breakey's talk was: "Azalea occidentale and It's Variations." This was the most interesting and informative lecture we have ever had on our native azalea. Dr. Breakey has been doing research on this azalea for over twenty years and has made intensive studies on the coast where ever this plant is found growing. The slides which followed the lecture vividly showed the variations in color of this remarkable species, from an almost red, pink, white or yellow depending upon the location and natural habitat. As this lecture will be printed in the Bulletin my many notes will be deleted from these minutes.
Meeting adjourned, Refreshments followed.