QBARS - v14n3 Results of the Seattle Chapter 11th Annual Rhododendron Show

Results of the Seattle Chapter Eleventh Annual Rhododendron Show
May 6, 7, 8, 1960

Staged by the Seattle Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, in the Pavilion of the Bellevue Shopping Square. Co-sponsored by the Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.
Show Committee: Chairman-Edwin Arntsen; Assistants: F. C. Bloxom, Jr., Mrs. Linley Janzen; Design, Linley Janzen; Judges & Awards, Brian O. Mulligan; Receiving and Classification, Mrs. Ralph Jacobson; Publicity, Mark Collarino, J. T. DeFriel; Educational Exhibit, Frank Doleshy; Staging, Bruce Leber; Sponsors, Mrs. Albert Brauss; Amateur Exhibitors, Mrs. James Madison; Hosts, Mrs. F. C. Bloxom, Jr.; New Members, Arthur O. Luther; Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Howard Reagan. Judges: Brian O. Mulligan, Otto Holmdahl, Oliver Ester, Mrs. L. N. Roberson, Carl P. Fawcett, G. H. Bowen, Ben Nelson.
The attractive Pavilion of the Bellevue Shopping Square was again the setting for our show with a few noteworthy changes. Colorful new canvas canopies were provided and side panels as protection from wind and sun. The various-sized displays were all rectangular and edged with two-by-sixes.
Rain and wind did their best to deter exhibitors, judges, and workers the first day, but forty-nine exhibitors brought twenty-two plants and two hundred and twenty-seven trusses. Ten commercial exhibitors outdid themselves with the beauty of their plants and designs. Many more yellow rhododendrons were displayed due, perhaps, to the show being held two weeks earlier than usual.
The University 'of Washington Arboretum had a breathtakingly beautiful exhibit featuring R. 'Beauty of Littleworth', 'Mrs. G. W. Leek', R. wardii , 'Elspeth', 'Daybreak', R. carolinianum , an oriental Hornbeam Carpinum orientalis , two interesting vacciniums, V. versicolor (Japan) and V. simulatum (Eastern U.S.), azaleas and Japanese maples.
The Blue Rosette Ribbon winner in Class 1, Section A, Landscape Displays (200 sq. ft. or over), was Homestead Nursery and Landscaping of Redmond. Harold Johnson used a Japanese-influenced design with natural rock, waterfall, stream and pool, flat rock path and bridge, stone lantern: a 'Mt. Fuji' cherry, native trees, shrubs, and ground covers added to the beauty of hybrid and species rhododendrons and azaleas.
The Red Rosette Ribbon in Class I was won by Rhod-A-zalea Gardens of Snohomish. Mr. Learner's display was designed by Don Korsmo and was also influenced by Japanese style. The rhododendrons and azaleas were associated with Japanese maples (both red and cut-leafed), pendulous spruce, Andromeda polifolia , and other conifers and ground covers grouped around a waterfall and pool. Rocks, rounded stones, an image, and stone lanterns carried out the oriental theme.
In Class 2 (under 200 sq. ft.) Owen Ostbo's King of Shrubs Nursery of Bellevue won not only the Blue Rosette Ribbon in this class but won the large silver Frederick and Nelson Perpetual Trophy for Best Landscape Design.
In a woodsy setting of mossy logs implanted with Lingonberry Vaccinium vitis-idea , Mr. Ostbo placed magnificent large specimens of R. 'Susan', 'Butterfly', Loderi 'King George', 'The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague', 'Lady Primrose', 'Bow Bells', 'Mrs. G. W. Leek', 'Cunningham's Pink', and some younger specimens of other hybrids and species, including R. macabeanum , and kalmia latifolia .
Red Rosette Ribbon was won by Mr. and Mrs. James Caperci's Rainier Mountain Alpine Gardens of Seattle. Their interesting display included fifteen species and hybrid dwarf rhododendrons, three azaleas, and seven types of dwarf and prostrate conifers.
White Rosette Ribbon winner was Harold Hopkins of Hopkins Nursery, Bothell. Well-grown hybrid rhododendrons and azaleas were tastefully arranged with Alaska Yellow Cedar chamaecyparis nootkatensis , pines, mossy logs, and excellent specimens of Chinese white and purple wisteria and clematis montana splendens .
Four other Class 2 entries must have made selection difficult for the judges: Mr. and Mrs. Renton's Seven Firs Nursery of North Bend, with its R. augustinii , 'Electra', 'Carita', caeruleum album ; Pacific Northwest Nursery of Bellevue, with its weathered grey logs, large R. 'Butterfly', 'Unique', 'Blue Peter', 'White Squall' azaleas; Blueberry Lake Nursery of Lake Hills, Bellevue, with its Rh. 'Alice', 'Rh. 'Souvenir of W. C. Slocock', 'Earl of Athlone', azaleas, and as an excellent associate, 2 varieties of blueberries, one of which was 8 ft. high; Mizuki Nursery and Landscaping of Seattle, with R. 'Betty Robertson', 'Mrs. G. W. Leak', azaleas, a grafted Koster's blue spruce, and Japanese maples grouped around a three-tiered fountain and stone lantern.
In addition, the East Lake Washington District of Garden Clubs had put in a lovely courtesy display across the entire width of the south end of the Pavilion showing a variety of rhododendrons, azaleas and companion plants, both native and exotic, with a circular fountain in the center.
The Educational Display this year attracted a great many visitors by showing origins of certain species rhododendrons; also shown were various methods and mediums used in propagating them from seed.
A new feature of the show, which added beauty and aroused a great deal of interest was a group of 12 small (3' by 5') competitive displays by ten members of the Society's study group. These showed examples of planting situations and companion plants suitable to selected species rhododendrons. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davidson, Bellevue, Mrs. Birdie Padovich, North Bend, and Mrs. Albert Brauss, Redmond, won First, Second, and Third Prize respectively. Here, also, the judges had difficulty deciding, and asked that Honorable Mention be awarded to Mrs. James Madison and Mrs. Hugh Baird of Bellevue.

Section B-Specimen Plants
Class 1-One specimen plant of any rhododendron species less than 3' in height in its normal habit.
Blue- R. trichostomum var. ledoides - Mrs. Henry Isaacson.
Red- R. trichostomum - Mrs. Henry Isaacson
White- R. glaucophyllum - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Class 2-One specimen plant of any rhododendron species exceeding 3' in its normal habit.
Blue- R. oreotrephes - Melvin Love
Class 3-One specimen plant of any hybrid rhododendron less than 3' in normal habit.
No entry.
Class 4-One specimen plant of any hybrid rhododendron exceeding 3' in normal habit.
Blue-R. 'Harvest Moon' - Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Kundahl
Red-R. 'Loder's White' - Bruce Leber
White-R. 'Langley Park' - Edwin Arntsen
Class 5-One specimen plant of a dwarf alpine type species of rhododendron not to exceed 18" in normal habit.
No entry.
Class 6-One specimen plant of any species in Series Azalea.
Blue- R. obtusum var. japonicum - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Red- R. nudiflorum - Mrs. C. E. Joy

White- R. ledifolia alba - Edwin Arntsen

Class 7-One specimen plant of any variety hybrid or form in Series Azalea.
Blue-Kurume seedling - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Red-'White Squall' - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Class 8-One specimen plant of any named variety hybrid of Azaleodendron.
No entry.
Class 9-(Open) One flowering plant of any hybrid seedling rhododendron not previously exhibited, this plant to be result of hybridization made in State of Washington. Parentage to be stated. Not eligible for Best Plant in Show.
Blue-'Unknown Cross' - Owen Ostbo
Red-'Dido' x 'Albatross' - H. Lem
White- williamsianum x 'C. P. Rafill' - H. Lem
Class 10-Same as No. 9, but an azalea.
No entry.
Class 11-Same as No. 9, but an azaleodendron.
No entry.
Special Awards to best of blue ribbon winners in Classes 1, 2, 5, 6:
Blue Rosette- R. trichostomum var. ledoides - Mrs. H. Isaacson
Red Rosette- R. obtusum var. japonicum - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
White Rosette- R. oreotrephes - Melvin Love
Special Awards to best of blue ribbon winners in Classes 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:
Blue Rosette-'Harvest Moon' - Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Kundahl
Red Rosette-Kurume seedling - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Seattle Trust and Savings Perpetual Trophy for Best Plant in Show awarded to Owen Ostbo's R. 'Susan' which was in his landscape display.
Seattle Rhododendron Society Trophy for Best New Hybrid Seedling (Class( 9, 10, 11) awarded to Owen Ostbo's 'Unknown Cross'.
Section C.-Cut Blooms.
Div. 1. -Rhododendron species.
Class 12-One flower truss of any species in Series Fortunei.
Red-R. orbiculare - Arthur Dome
Class 13-One spray of any species in Series Triflorum.
Blue- R. exquisitum - Edward Dunn
Red- R. oreotrephes - Edward Dunn
White- R. yunnanense var. 'Sonata' - Mrs. Pendleton Miller
Class 14-One spray of any species in Series Cinnabarinum.
Red- R. xanthocodon - Mrs. Pendleton Miller
Class 15-One truss of spray of any species in Series Azalea.
Blue- R. ledifolia alba - Mrs. Stephen Anderson
Red- R. vaseyi - Arthur Luther
White- R. luteum - Mrs. Charles Sully
Class 16-One truss in Subseries Thomsonii.
No entry.
Class 17-One truss in Subseries Campylocarpum.
Red- R. campylocarpum - Mrs. P. A. Mortenson
Class 18-One spray in Series Heliolepis.
No entry.
Class 18-A. (added) One truss of any other rhododendron species.
Blue- R. smirnowii - Mrs. Endre Ostbo
Red- R. macrophyllum - Mrs. Charles Sully
Div. 2-Rhododendron Hybrids.
Class 19-One truss of R. Loderi or any form of it.
Blue-R. Loderi 'King George' - Mrs. Endre Ostbo
Red-R. Loderi 'King George' - Mark Collarino
White-R. Loderi 'Venus' - Edward Dunn
Class 20-One truss of a cream colored rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'Unique' - Mrs. Wm. T. Patten
Red-R. 'Harvest Moon' - Arthur Dome
White-( campylocarpum x soulei ) x 'Loderi' - Mrs. W. G. Burr
Class 21-One truss of any yellow rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'Goldsworth's Yellow' - Mrs. James Ellis
Red-R. 'Carita' var. 'Golden Dream' - Arthur Dome
White-R. 'Letty Edwards' - Mrs. Wm. T. Patten
Class 22-One truss of any pink rhododendron
Blue-R. 'Faggetter's Favorite' - Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Red-R. 'Faggetter's Favorite' - Dr. C. W. Bledsoe
White-R. 'Mrs. G. W. Leak' - Dr. C. W. Bledsoe
Class 23-One truss of any rose rhododendron
Blue-R. 'Cynthia' - Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Red-R. 'Cynthia' - Mrs. Wm. T. Patten
White-R. 'Cynthia' - Edwin Arntsen
Class 24-One truss of any red rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'David' - Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Red-R. 'Earl of Athlone' - Mrs. Stephen Anderson
White-R. 'The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague' - Bruce Leber
Class 25-One truss of any white rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'Loder's White' - Bruce Leber
Red-R. 'White Swan' - Mrs. Donald Davis
White-R. 'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare' - Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Kundahl
Class 26-One truss or spray of an orange or apricot rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'Mrs. W. C. Slocock' - Ralph Jacobson
Red-R. 'Fabia' - Mrs. J. Senescue
White-R. 'Elspeth' - Mrs. Sandra Markle
Class 27-One truss of any mauve, lavender or purple rhododendron.
Blue-R. 'Van Nes Sensation' - Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Kundahl
Red-R. 'Susan' - Bruce Leber
White-R. Ostbo seedling - Mrs. John Klaeboe
Class 28-One truss of an azaleadendron.
Red-R. 'Smithii Aureum' - Mrs. Pendleton Miller
Class 29-One truss or spray of any deciduous azalea hybrid form.
Blue-molle hybrid - Edward Dunn
Red-occidentale hybrid - Mrs. Stephen Anderson
White-molle hybrid - Mrs. Wm. T. Patten
Class 30-One truss or spray of any evergreen azalea hybrid form.
Blue-'Fedora' - Mrs. Wm. T. Patten
Red-Hinodegiri hybrid - Mrs. E. L. Irvine
White-'Treasure' - Mark Collarino
Class 31-One truss of any new hybrid rhododendron raised from seed by the exhibitor, parentage to be stated. (Open).
Blue- R. decorum var. balfourianum x 'Loderi' - H. Lem
Red-Loderi self cross - U. of W. Arboretum
White-R. 'G. H. Sims' x Loderi - H. Lem
Class 32-Same as No. 31, but azaleas.
No entry.
Class 33.-Same as No. 31, but azaleodendron.
No entry.
Special Awards Section C
The Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Trophy for Best Amateur Truss in Show was awarded Mrs. Henry Isaacson's R. 'Faggetter's Favorite'; also Blue Rosette Ribbon.
Red Rosette Ribbon awarded to Mrs. Endre Ostbo's R. Loderi 'King George'. White Rosette Ribbon awarded to Mrs. Henry Isaacson's R. 'David'.
A Blue Rosette Ribbon was awarded to Mr. Lem's R. decorum var. balfourianum x 'Loderi' for Best Truss from seedling plant. (Open)
There were ten entries in the Flower Arrangement Division. These were judged by popular vote, as follows:
First - Mrs. Arthur O. Luther
Second - Mrs. Ralph Jacobson
Third - Mrs. Wm. Culliton