QBARS - v15n1 Book Reviews: Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Getting Started With Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Book Reviews
by Rudolph Henny

RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS , 2nd edition, by Clement Gray Bowers, 525 pp. Illustrated, The Macmillan Company

Much of the text of "Rhododendrons and Azaleas" (2nd edition) is the same as the original volume published in 1936. During this period of twenty-five years the original edition has remained one of the best for the beginner and advanced gardener. The 2nd edition contains the new alliances of species and the hybrid section has been brought up to date. The four chapters on hybridizing rhododendrons, and raising them from seed still remain the best on the subject. The same fine illustrations including the full page color plates made from the exquisite water color drawings by the author are again included. It is a pity that Dr. Bowers did not apply the American hardiness and merit symbols to the list of hybrids, but chose to stay with the indefinite alphabetical ratings that were used in the original text.

GETTING STARTED WITH RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS , by J. Harold Clarke, 246 pp. Illustrated, Doubleday & Co.,

All the latest techniques in growing, and propagating rhododendrons and azaleas have been clearly outlined in Dr. Clarke's new volume. The entire subject of rhododendrons is approached very thoroughly and ranges widely from landscape use to arrangement in a new easy style. Certainly the beginner will be aided by the most interesting chapters on culture in the garden and greenhouse, and the complete directions and recommendations, also the most advanced gardener, and grower will find much that is new to hold his interest. For a complete handbook on rhododendrons with the latest approach, in easy reading, Dr. Clarke's volume should be an instant success.