QBARS - v15n1 Expedition Planned to Upper Burma

Expedition Planned to Upper Burma
J. Harold Clarke

Word just received from Mr. J. Keenan, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, states that "together with a colleague I am planning a botanical expedition to North West Upper Burma."
The area it is intended to visit is that of the Hukwang Valley and the mountains immediately to the east and north that is the Kumon Range and toward the north, its western extension. The highest peak in the former is Bumpha Bum (11,193 ft.: lat. 26°41'N., long. 97°14'E.) and in the latter Tawang Bum (11,000 ft.: lat. 27°2'N., long. 96°3'E.).
The expedition is planned to commence early in 1961 and we have the necessary permission from the Burmese Government to carry it out. I intend to remain in the field for a full year and will be joined for two six-month periods by two others, a botanist and a horticulturist.
The aims of the expedition are (1) to study certain botanical problems in the field, (2) to make as extensive a plant collection as possible for the area is botanically unknown although collections have been made to the east by Kingdon Ward and Forrest, to the north by Ludlow and Sherriff and Kingdon Ward and to the west by Bor, Kingdon Ward and others, and (3) to collect plants; seeds, etc., for introduction into cultivation.
We expect to find hardy rhododendrons on the Kumon Range and that the general area will be rich in Ericaceae and other Gesneraeceae, Orchidaceae and Araceae amongst other families and we hope to find representatives of many other horticultural genera, Primula, Nomocharis and Camellia for instance.
Our finances depend entirely on grants and whilst we have gone a long way towards meeting our financial target we would be very grateful if your Society could make a contribution."

EDITOR'S NOTE: A subsequent letter from Mr. Keenan indicates that individuals or a group of individuals, would be welcome as contributors. As the expedition is scheduled to start early in 1961 it is suggested that any who are interested might get in touch directly with Mr. Keenan.