QBARS - v15n2 Cover Article

Cover Article
Rudolph Henny

R. yakushimanum as illustrated on the cover of the Bulletin represents one of the later introductions of rhododendron species. It is indigenous to the island of Yaku Shima, Japan, and a most delightful story about a visit to that island appeared in the Bulletin January 1960 by Dr. A. F. Serbin. Dr. Serbin relates his finding at least three forms of this species at the time of his visit. R. yakushimanum is a small slow growing shrub with excellent habit, and foliage. The new growth is cover ed with a white tomentum that persists almost the entire year, making for a most unusual and unique sight. The flowers are quite large and are borne in trusses of 12 to 14, and the sight of a small bush literally covering itself with this prodigious amount of bloom leaves an impression that is hard to forget.  The color transparency was loaned to the Society by Cecil Smith, and was taken in his garden.