QBARS - v16n1 American Rhododendron Society Committees Now Functioning

A.R.S. Committees Now Functioning

The following committees will be active during the spring of 1962.

HONORS Committee - Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Chm., Eugene Chapter, Wales Wood, Portland, Edward Dunn, Seattle.  The purpose of this committee is to recommend to the Directors matters of policy with respect to the awarding of Society medals or other honors, and to study and report to the Directors recommendations made by Chapters for medal awards.

ANNUAL MEETINGS - George Grace, Chm., Portland Chapter, Howard Slonecker, Portland, Cecil Smith, Portland.  Purpose - To study type and location of A.R.S. Annual Meetings and report to the Directors.

ADVERTISING - John Henny, Chm., Portland Chapter, Bob Bovee, Portland, Mrs. Ruth Hansen, Portland, Russ Coovert, Tacoma, Edward Dunn, Seattle, Don McClure, Seattle, Ed. Arntsen, Seattle. Purpose - To consider our advertising policy and rates and how advertising of the desired type, for the Bulletin may be increased.

AWARDS - Don McClure, Chm., Seattle Chapter, Carl Fawcett, Tacoma, Mrs. Ruth Hansen, Portland, Cecil Smith, Portland, Rudolph Henny, Portland, P. H. Brydon, California, Merle Cisney, Portland.  Purpose - To consider changes or improvements to our system of making awards to outstanding new varieties or species clones.

EDITORIAL - Rudolph Henny, Chm. Portland Chapter, Mrs. Louis Grothaus, Portland, Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Eugene, Don McClure, Seattle, Dr. Robert Tichnor, Portland.  Purpose - To study and improve our publications.

TEST GARDEN (National) - C. T. Hansen, Chm., A. W. Kraxberger, Don Patrick, William Robinson, Howard Slonecker, Mrs. Ruth Hansen, A. F. Sersanous, Mrs. J. V. G. Posey, George Grace, Dr. William Corbin, Dr. S. Berthelsdorf, Cecil Smith, John Henny, Rudolph Henny, Mrs. Cyrus Walker. (All of the Portland Chapter).

RATINGS - Cecil Smith, Chm., Howard Slonecker, Mrs. Ruth Hansen, (all of the Portland Chapter).  Purpose - To organize and head up a system of continuous review of the A.R.S. quality and hardiness ratings so that when our next book is published, presumably in 1966, information will be at hand for needed revisions and additions. Important revisions or additions might be published, before that time, in the Bulletin.

SPECIES PROJECT - Dr. Milton V. Walker, Chm., Eugene Chapter, Dr. Frank D. Mossman, Portland, Dr. Arthur K. Harris, Portland. Purpose - To study, and if it seems feasible, to organize and start a project to find, identify, record and mark individual plants typical of the species they represent. This might eventually be done in various areas so A.R.S. members would know where to go to see specimens of various species, identified, in so far as possible, as being typical. A further development might be the selecting of what seems to be the plant of a species which has the greatest potential horticultural value, and recommending it for consideration for an award.

REGISTRATION - Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Washington, (Portland Chapter).  Purpose - To give a preliminary screening to new names suggested for rhododendron and azalea hybrid and species clones, and to refer them on to the International Registrar for final approval.