QBARS - v16n3 Great Lakes Chapter American Rhododendron Society Third Annual Show

Great Lakes Chapter Third Annual Show
Daphne F. Scott

The third annual Rhododendron Show of the Great Lakes Chapter was held under the leadership of co-chairmen Peter E. Girard and Paul R. Bosley at the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland on June 2nd and 3rd. The season in the region served by the Great Lakes Chapter was approximately eight days ahead of its usual progress, and the show dates were exceptionally late. This combination was expected to greatly reduce the scope of the Show but many members held flowers in cold storage for the occasion and entries were made in such numbers that two teams of judges were needed to assess the exhibits for prizes. The show presented a gratifying spectacle of color and public attendance was exceptionally large as a result of the extensive advance publicity provided by Frederick J. Close and his committee. The Show was featured in 250 newspapers, on hundreds of radio announcements and on most of the television stations throughout western New York and Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, eastern Ohio and southern Michigan.
Judges Paul Bosley, Louis Martin and Kathryn Loesch gave The First President's Sterling Award for Best in Show to David G. Leach for a truss of salmon-orange flowers from a seedling of catawbiense var. album x [ dichroanthum x ( griffithianum x auriculatum )] and a Special Award went to a truss from another seedling of the same cross shown by Mr. Leach. The trophy for the best named cultivar in commerce went to Wells Knierim for a large and perfect truss of 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent'. The combined judging panels unanimously gave an official A. R. S. "P. A." honor to Peter E. Girard, Sr., for a balled and burlapped specimen plant of his new persistent leaved azalea tentatively named 'Princess Alba', shown at the peek of condition as a faultless globe of glistening white flowers.
A Special Award was given by the other panel of judges, A. M. Shammarello, Peter Girard and David G. Leach, to Frank Myers "for the number, quality and variety of the exhibits in Class 5" ( smirnowii hybrids); and to Musser Forests, represented by Art Vuyk and by Mrs. Dorothy Burnheiner, "for distinction in entries in Class 26 (Named Rhododendron Hybrids in Commerce, Balled Crowing Plants) and in other classes, both in quality and in number."
Dr. Louis G. Martin was in charge of Classifications and Prize Awards, and E. Stroombeek again arranged the larger balled and burlapped specimen plants into the attractive displays for which he has become well known. Mrs. Paul Bosley, Mrs. Peter Girard, Mrs. John Kuntz, Mrs. Louis Martin, Mrs. Woods King, Miss Frances Hart, Mrs. Stewart Scott and Mrs. Stephanie Stone served efficiently in registration, reception and in secretarial duties.
Frank Myers and Program Chairman Zophar Warner assisted the show committee, provided garden tours of the Cleveland area by bus, with guides, and arranged the concluding meeting.

1. Standard "ironclad" catawbiense hybrids in commerce:
a. 'Catawbiense Album'
1st-John Kuntz
2nd-Frank Myers
3rd-Frank Myers
b. any with white flowers other than 'Catawbiense Album'
1st-Mrs. Peter Loesch, 'Mrs. P. D. Williams'
2nd-Wells Knierim, 'Album Elegans'
3rd-Mrs. Peter Loesch, 'Gomer Waterer'
c. pink
1st-Wells Knierim, 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent'
2nd-Peter Girard, 'Roseum Elegans'
2nd (tie)-A. W. Hartman, 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent'
3rd-John Kuntz, 'Henrietta Sargent'
Hon. Men.-Peter Girard, 'Amphion'
d. 'Roseum Elegans', 'Roseum Superbum', 'Pink Roseum' and other Roseum forms:
1st-Wells, Knierim, 'Roseum Elegans'
2nd-Musser Forests, 'Roseum Elegans'
3rd-Musser Forests, 'Roseum Elegans'
e. lavender
1st-John Kuntz, 'Everestianum'
2nd-John Kuntz, 'Catawbiense Grandiflorum'
3rd-W. E. Peffer, 'Parson's Grandiflorum'
f. purple
1st-David G. Leach, 'Parson's Grandiflorum'
2nd-Paul R. Bosley, 'Purpureum Elegans'
2nd (tie)-Robert Danik, 'Lee's Dark Purple'
3rd-John Kuntz, 'Everestianum'
g. 'America'
1st-Wells Knierim
2nd-John Kuntz
3rd-Musser Forests
3rd (tie)-John Kuntz
Hon. Men.-John Kuntz
h. 'Dr. H. C Dresselhuys'
2nd-Frank Myers
i. 'Nova Zembla'
1st-John Kuntz
j. any with red flowers other than those in classes lg, 1h and li:
1st-John Kuntz, 'Ignatius Sargent'
2nd-Peter Girard, 'Charles Dickens'
3rd-Mrs. Peter Loesch, 'Ignatius Sargent'
k. any color other than those in the preceding classes:
1st-B. F. Ailes, 'Sefton'
2nd-B. F. Ailes, 'Sefton'
3rd-B. F. Ailes, 'Sefton'
2. Catawbiense hybrid seedlings not in commerce
a. red
1st-A. M. Shamarello, B-6-1-R
2nd-David G. Leach, 'Mars' x catawbiense var. rubum
3rd-Peter Girard, 301-CG
b. white
1st--A. M. Shamarello, B-61-W
2nd-David G. Leach, catawbiense var. album x 'Coronis', F.
3rd-David G. Leach, catawbiense var. album x ( wightii x fortunei )
c. pink
1st-David G. Leach (and special award) catawbiense var. album x
[ dichroanthum x ( griffithianum x auriculatum )]
2nd-David G, Leach, Dexter L-1 x 'America'
3rd-L. G. Firth, Loesch seedling
3. Hybrids of caucasicum ancestry including 'Cunningham's White' and Boule de Neige'
1st-David G. Leach, 'Mrs. Furnival' x catawbiense var. album #1
2nd-David G. Leach, 'Mrs. Furnival' x catawbiense var. album #2
3rd-A. M. Shammarello, A-50-P
4. Fortunei Series hybrids, including hybrids of discolor, decorum, etc., any color:
1st-David G. Leach, catawbiense var. album x [ dichroanthum x ( griffithianum x auriculatum )]
2nd-David G. Leach, Vestale #1 x decorum
3rd-Mrs. Peter Loesch, unnamed hybrid
5. Smirnowii hybrids
1st-L. A. Westman, unnamed
1st (tie)-Frank Myers, unnamed
2nd-Frank Myers, unnamed
2nd- (tie)-Frank Myers, unnamed
3rd-L, A. Westman, unnamed
3rd (tie)-Frank Hudec, smirnowii x 'Ignatius Sargent'
Hon. Men.-Frank Myers
Hon. Men.-Frank Myers
Hon. Men.-Frank Myers
Hon. Men.-Frank Myers
Hon. Men.-Frank Myers
6. Maximum hybrids
1st-A. M. Shammarello, unnamed
2nd-A. M. Shammarello, unnamed
7. Dexter hybrids, named or numbered
2nd-Mrs. Stewart Scott, BD1020, a Bosley selection
9. Any hybrids not included in classes 1 through 8
1st-Dr. Louis Martin, 'Vulcan'
2nd-A. W. Hartman, 'Blue Peter'
3rd-Musser Forests, 'Minnie'
10. Species of the Ponticum Series
1st-A. M. Shammarello, brachycarpum
2nd-A. M. Shammarello, brachycarpum
12. Scaly leaved species and hybrids (consolidated with class 8)
1st-Noel Farr, wilsoni
2nd-Noel Farr, carolinianum hybrid
3rd-Noel Farr, wilsoni
14. Ghent Azalea hybrids, named or unnamed
1st-William Fetterhoff, Ghent seedling
2nd-Paul Bosley, Dexter Ghent-type hybrid
3rd-Paul Bosley, Dexter Ghent-type hybrid
15. Exbury, Knaphill, Ilam and Embley Azalea hybrids, named or unnamed
1st-John Kuntz, 'Toucan'
2nd-A. M. Shammarello, 'Cecile'
3rd-John Kuntz, 'Pink Delight'
19. Native deciduous Azalea species
1st-A. M. Shammarello, cumberlandense
2nd-Dr. L. G. Martin, calendulaceum
3rd-A. M. Shammarello, viscosum
4th-Paul Bosley, bakeri
21. Persistent leaved Azaleas, Japanese and Kurume hybrids
named or unnamed, excluding greenhouse forcing Azaleas
1st-Mrs. Stewart Scott, 'Balsaminaeflora'
23. Gable persistent leaved Azalea hybrids
1st-Mrs. Stewart Scott, 'Rosebud'
3rd-Mrs. Stone, 'Rosebud'
24. Glenn Dale persistent leaved Azalea hybrids
1st-F. E. Hart, 'Buccaneer'
2nd-F. E. Hart, 'Glacier'
3rd-Dr. L. G. Martin, 'Zulu'
25-A. Persistent leaved hybrid Azaleas not included in classes 21-25
1st-Mrs. Stewart Scott, 'Obtusum' hybrid
2nd-Dr. L. G. Martin, 'Christine Ana'
Balled and Burlapped Growing Plants
26. Named Rhododendron hybrids in commerce
a. less than 3 feet
1st-Musser Forests, 'Purpureum Elegans'
2nd-Musser Forests, 'Lee's Dark Purple'
b. more than 3 feet
1st-Musser Forests, 'Catawbiense Album'
2nd-Musser Forests, 'Roseum Elegans'
3rd-Musser Forests, 'C. S. Sargent'
Hon. Men.-Musser Forests, 'Everestianum'
27. Unnamed or numbered Rhododendron hybrids
a. less than 3 feet
Hon. Men.-Musser Forests, catawbiense hybrid
29. Deciduous Azaleas
b. 18 inches and up
Hon. Men. Musser Forests, 'Dr. M. Oosthoek'
Hon. Men. Musser Forests, Dr. M. Oosthoek
30. Persistent leaved Azaleas
a. 6 inches to 18 inches
Hon. Men.-Peter Girard, G-U-P-H
Hon. Men.-Peter Girard, G-U-S-H-S
h. 18 inches and up
1st (also Special Award): Peter Girard, 'Princess Alba'