QBARS - v16n4 American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal Awarded to Dr. John C. Wister

A.R.S. Gold Medal Awarded to Dr. John C. Wister
Annual Meeting of American Rhododendron Society
Winterthur, Delaware May 6, 1962

Dr. John Wister
Fig. 41  Dr. John Wister receiving the
Society Gold Medal at Winterthur.


Tonight at the Annual Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society we grant our highest honor, "The Gold Medal," to a man who by his writing, traveling, and speaking in the interests of rhododendrons has informed and encouraged amateur and professional growers of these plants. His work and journeys for the purpose of locating, identifying and propagating the finest Dexter hybrid rhododendrons are well known. Whenever possible he has through personal contact passed on to his fellow members in the Society his great enthusiasm for rhododendrons. Additionally, he has capably served in various official capacities in his chapter where he is most affectionately regarded.
He is presently serving as Director both of the Arthur Hoyt Scott Horticultural Foundation at Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and of the John J. Tyler Arboretum at Lima, Pennsylvania, where he has assembled large collections of rhododendrons for testing, study, hybridizing, and display. In the vicinity of Swarthmore and Lima, and in the general area of the East, he is known as "Mister Rhododendron."
In recognition of his contributions to the Society both nationally and locally, we are pleased to grant the American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal to Dr. John C. Wister of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.