QBARS - v16n4 Two New Chapters Accepted by the ARS

Two New Chapters Accepted By The ARS

On September 9 the Directors of the ARS accepted two applications for chapter affiliation with the American Rhododendron Society. One was from the Olympia chapter of Olympia, Washington, the other from Princeton Chapter, Princeton, N.J. The American Rhododendron Society is proud to extend membership to these two groups which now add to a total of 21 society chapters.

The Olympia Chapter is located in the capitol city of Washington State. It is ideally located for the growing of rhododendrons and azaleas as it is blessed with a mild climate and good soil conditions. There are already a number of growers, amateurs and fanciers within its area. The Chapter welcomes new members and invites anyone interested in rhododendrons to attend its meetings. Please contact the Chapter Secretary for further information, Mrs. F. G. Kearns, Olympia, Washington.

To Members of The American Rhododendron Society:  A group of 17 members of The American Rhododendron Society requested affiliation as the Princeton Chapter of The American Rhododendron Society on September 3, 1962. On Sept. 9, 1962, a meeting was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Leon J. Heuser. The following were elected as officers and directors:

President Leon J. Heuser
Vice-President Mrs. Ramsay Raymond
Sec'ty-Tres. Mrs. Josephine V. Fleuser
John Obal 2 years
William H. Sayen III 2 years
Ralph Bennett 1year
Byron Crandall 1year

The By-Laws were discussed and voted upon.  The chapter plans to meet the 2nd Wednesday during the months of October, November, January, February, March, April and May.  There are many lovely gardens in the Princeton area with fine old plantings of R. maximum , R. carolinianum and iron-clad varieties, but most gardeners are unaware of the great number of other species and the newer varieties which can be grown here. Since the nearest chapters of the Society are all at least an hour's drive from Princeton, it was felt that the convenience of a local chapter would stimulate an interest in modern rhododendrons and subsequently bring some new varieties and different species to our fine gardens in the area.  The officers and directors extend an invitation to all unaffiliated members in the Central New Jersey area to become associated with the Princeton Chapter. We also welcome any members of the Society who might wish to become affiliated with more than one chapter.  For further information, kindly contact our secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Josephine V. Heuser, Princeton, New Jersey.