QBARS - v16n4 Seattle World's Fair Show Staged by The Seattle Rhododendron Society

Seattle World's Fair Rhododendron Show
Staged by The Seattle Rhododendron Society

May 17, 18, 19, 20, 1962

Seattle Chapter's Thirteenth Annual Show was the luckiest ever presented, but not due to luck. Early planning, a hard-working committee, proximity to the World's Fair and generous exhibitors culminated in a brilliant display which was admired by over 10,000 people. Visitors from New York and other eastern areas, from abroad, and from remote global points rewarded us with extravagant praise.

The committee:
Co Chairmen, Mr. and Mrs. M. Chris Johnson
Awards & Trophies, Mrs. Linley Janzen
Clerks, Mrs. James Madison
Finance, Mr. Edward B. Dunn
Floor Design, Maybell (Mrs. M. Chris) Johnson
Hosts & Hostesses, Mrs. Ralph Jacobson, assisted by Mrs. Berg Larson
Judges, Mr. Brian O. Mulligan
Program, Mr. Hugh Baird
Receiving & Classification, Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
Schedule, Mr. Edwin Arntsen
Tickets, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hartnett
Bonsai Exhibit, Mrs. John Maki, Chairman for the Kelly Nishitani Arboretum Unit
Educational Exhibit, Mrs. Hugh Baird, Chairman, for the Seattle Rhododendron Society Study Group
Photography Exhibit, Miss Roberta Wightman, Chairman, for Washington Association of Landscape Architects

J. H. Bowen Mrs. L. N. Roberson
Dr. J. Harold Clarke W. E. Whitney
Donald G. Graham Miss Roberta Wightman
Otto Holmdahl Wales Wood
H. L. Larson Brian O. Mulligan

Special "thank you" to Mr.R. D. Leamer, who generously donated peat mulch; to the University of Washington Arboretum for loaning and transporting tables.

The 1962 winners of trophies were:
Frederick & Nelson Perpetual Cup for Best Landscape Display- Fisher's Nursery.
Seattle Trust & Savings Bank Perpetual Cup for Best Plant in Show - Rhod-A-zalea Gardens.
Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Trophy for Best Truss in Show  - Mrs. Henry Isaacson.
Lincoln First Federal Savings Amateur Sweepstakes Trophy - Mr. W. J. O'Brien.
Seattle Rhododendron Society Annual Achievement Award Cup for Best Hybrid Seedling Plant - $100 Bonus to
winner donated by Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Graham - Flora Markeeta Nursery ('Loderi Venus' x 'Anna').
Griswold Nursery Trophy for Best Amateur Evergreen Azalea - Mrs. Stephen Anderson.
Mrs. William M. Culliton Trophy for Best Amateur Dwarf Rhododendron - Mrs. Harvey Kemphenborg.
Mrs. Frederick A. Bunge Trophy for Best Amateur Rhododendron or Azalea Spray - Mrs. Pendleton Miller.
Century 21 Trophy for Best American Hybrid-Awarded by the Seattle Rhododendron Society - Fisher's Nursery.

The Exhibit Hall was attractively screened into sections, and evergreens made effective backgrounds. The raised beds were bordered with used railroad ties. Hopkins Nursery, Class 2, displayed a woodland scene with European White Birch in the background and Junipers in foreground, with azaleas 'Glamour', 'Purple Splendor', 'Irene Koster', occidentale and mollis. Rhododendrons were 'A. T. de La Mare', 'Sappho', 'Cynthia' and 'Alice.'
Flora Markeeta Nursery, Class 3, used azaleas vaseyi, Exbury and mollis for a colorful arrangement, and Pieris forma crispa . 'Rainbow', fortunei and lacteum x 'Loderi' were some of the rhododendrons.
Pacific Northwest Nurseries had a Courtesy Exhibit featuring a huge plant of 'Pink Pearl' and a 'Mrs. Lindsay Smith.'
The Courtesy Exhibit of the Washington State Nurserymen's Assn. was one of the most attractive designs, with a foreground of pebbles and moss in patterns. Azaleas used were 'Louise Gable', 'Campfire', 'Rosebud' and 'Ledifolia Alba'. Rhododendrons were 'Earl of Athlone', 'Dawn's Delight' and 'Harvest Moon'.
The Associated Landscape Designers and Contractors, in Class 2, attracted much attention with a single large Rhododendron 'Loderi' set in a white cage that gave the effect of a vista. A low foreground planting used juniper; Viburnum davidi and R. 'Vanessa'.
A very subtle color scheme dominated the setting for Seven Firs Nursery, Class 3. Enkianthus was used for most of the background, with ferns, Pieris and Kurume azaleas in the foreground. Beautiful specimens of rhododendrons in the design were 'Butterfly', 'Zuyder Zee', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'Idealist' and 'Susan' x 'Purple Splendor'.
The Homestead Nursery and Landscaping, Class 1, showed a woodland effect with rocks and a waterfall, featuring a sculptured cedar log bench. Beautiful ground covers were mosses, ferns, gaultherias, Vaccinium , and Tsuga heterophylla . In the background were white and pink dogwoods with Enkianthus . A colorful display was effected with azaleas 'Pinky Pearce', 'Nancy' and 'Wendy', and rhododendrons 'Bowbells', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'Blue Peter', 'White Swan', 'Queen Mary', 'Cynthia' and 'Mrs. Furnival'.
In Class 3, Rainier Mountain Alpine Gardens displayed an unusual exhibit, attracting much attention. It consisted of many dwarf rhododendrons and azaleas, beautiful miniatures in abundance, with alpine conifers, mostly dwarfs.
Finn Hill Landscaping, Class 1, used dwarf mugho pines, Golden Drop heather, Euonymus , Berberis pymea , Andromeda japonica and Acers . Azaleas in masses were 'Pink Profusion', 'Blaus Pink', mollis , 'Rosebud', 'Jeanne', 'John Cairns' and 'Persil', a blaze of color. Their foreground rhododendrons were 'Brittania', 'Mdme. Lionel de Rothschild', 'Trilby' 'Marinus Koster' and 'Blue Peter'.
George Schenk, Landscape Designer, Class 3, created another of the "unusuals." With tall conifers and driftwood in the background he filled the foreground with small rare specimens of Heucherella , Leiophyllum hugeii , Pyrois Japonica Pigmy, Dicentra , Menziesii , Frittilaria , Primulas and Rhododendron lepidotum and prunifolium .
Prentice Nursery and Decorating Co., Class 1, as usual, had one of the most impressive displays, beautifully detailed. The design used large rocks and logs, a waterfall, and moss covered tree trunks. There were patterns of mosses, sedums and pebbles in the foreground; pines, and oaks, Acer palmatum , with conifers, formed the background. Azaleas in the display were 'Persil', 'Cecile', 'Ginger', 'Ledifolia Alba', 'Hotspur' and 'Broughtoni Aureum'. Rhododendrons were 'Hon. Jean Marie de Montague', 'Griersims', 'Mrs. A. T. de LaMare', 'Snow Queen', 'Peter Koster', 'Mrs. Furnival', obtusum varieties and Morgan hybrids.
King of Shrubs Nursery, Class 2, achieved a woodland scene with mossy logs, lingonberry and Kalmia latifolia . Large rhododendron plants were fine specimens of 'Loderi King George', 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Prelude', 'Endre Ostbo', 'King of Shrubs', 'Van Ness Sensation' and yakushimanum .
An inviting garden design was shown by Rhod-A-Zalea Gardens, Class 1. Junipers, dwarf acers and moss formed the foregrounds with accents of Norway Spruce Inversa. Bright colors of rhododendrons completed the beautiful scene, 'Hon. Jean Marie de Montague', 'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare', 'Queen of the May', 'Eureka Maid', 'Letty Edwards', 'Bowbells', 'Albert', 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling' and 'Betty Wormald', and azaleas 'Schubert' and 'Phoebe'.
Richmond Nurseries, with Henry Zinser, designer, in Class 2, used interesting specimens of Morheim Blue Spruce, vine maple, Leucothoe catesbei , Pieris japonica , weeping Copper Beech, variegated hosta, tree wisteria and Enkianthus . Rhododendrons displayed were 'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare', 'Lady Bessborough', 'Mrs. Lindsay Smith', 'Betty Wormald', 'Dr. O. Blok', 'Queen of the May', 'Sunrise' and 'Boule de Neige'.
Elmer Fisher, Class 2, attracted special attention with his waterfall and pool inhabited by trout. A mountain scene was suggested by use of logs and rocks. Unusual background plants were Alaska Cedar, Magnolia 'Liliglora' and Betula alba . Completing the effect were rhododendrons 'Vanessa', souliei x 'Corona', 'Countess of Derby', 'Blue Peter', 'Reve Rose', macabeanum , 'Pink Pearl', 'Loderi Superlative', 'Lady Bligh', 'Van Ness Sensation', 'C. I. S.', 'Cowslip', 'Temple Bell', 'Bowbells', 'Tally Ho' x 'Margaret Dunn', 'Betty Robertson' and 'Red Cloud'. Azaleas displayed were 'Niagara', vaseyi , 'Rosebud' and 'Schubert'.
A handsome, extensive Courtesy Display was presented by the University of Washington Arboretum. Unusual plants in the background were Viburnum plicatum , Paperbark Maple, Carpinus japonica . Large rhododendron specimens in backgrounds and smaller plants in foregrounds were species beesianum , fictolacteum , uvarifolium , macabeanum , coryphaeum , melinanthum , atlanticum . Hybrids were 'Rosamund Millais', 'Dr. Ross', 'Anna Rose Whitney', 'Rainbow', 'Dawn's Delight', 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling', 'Dexter hybrid 180 and yakushimanum hybrids. An azaleodendron, 'Oregon Queen', was shown, and azaleas 'Glacier', 'Antares', 'Trinket', 'Isabell', 'Linda Ann', 'Cameo' and Glenn Dale hybrids.
Members of the Seattle Rhododendron Society Study Group showed enthusiastic results of their research. Five plots with different themes and unusual plants attracted the visitors' attention. Members' displays were:
Mrs. Hugh Baird and Mrs. Albert Brauss: A vine maple surrounded by rhododendrons indicum , quiquefolium , and azaleas schlippenbachii and occidentale . The foreground featured Gualtheria procumbens and wintergreen.
Charlotte Gilbert and Betty Madison: A light woodland garden using rhododendrons in the thomsonii series, campylocarpum , williamsianum , and other ericaceous plants, Pieris formosa , Enkianthus , Vaccinium , Schizocodon , Primula japonica .
Harry Davidson: Species rhododendrons showing color and leaf variations, decorum , keleticum , hanceanum , radicans , williamsianum .
Ken Lauhon: A pool with rocks and logs shared attention with the dwarf rhododendrons keleticum , campylogynum , trichostomum , lepidotum , wiltonii and lepidostylum .
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sando: Rhododendron augustinii and ponticum contrasted with the dwarf species carolinianum , trichostomum , oporinum , williamsianum , radicans , inopinum , impeditum , quinquefolium , lepidotum , minus .
There was a special exhibit of rhododendron leaves illustrating varieties in shape, form and texture, and a Thermo-Gro miniature greenhouse showing propagating techniques, with cuttings rooting and seedlings emerging.
The Special Display of Bonsais was again charming and unusual, since all plants were miniature rhododendrons and azaleas.

Awards as follows:

Section B - Specimen Plants
Class 1-Best specimen plant of any species.
1st Mrs. H. H. Karnphenborg
2nd Wm. J. O'Brien.
Class 4-Best specimen hybrid.
1st Flora Markeeta Nursery
2nd Wm. J. O'Brien.
Class 6--Best specimen plants of any evergreen hybrid azalea.
1st Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
2nd Wm. J. O'Brien.
Section B - Specimen Plants
Class 1-One specimen plant of any rhododendron species less than 3 ft. in height in its normal habit.
1st Mrs. H. H. Kamphenborg sargentianum
2nd Mrs. James Madison, radicans
Class 2-One specimen plant of any species exceeding 3 ft. in height in its normal habit.
2nd Mrs. Linley Janzen, calophytum
3rd Dr. Steward Hilscher 'White Swan'.
Class 3-One specimen plant of any hybrid less than 3 ft. in height in its normal habit.
2nd Dr. Paul Kundahl
Class 4-One specimen plant of any hybrid exceeding 3 ft. in height in its normal habit.
1st Wm. J. O'Brien 'Cynthia'.
Class 5-One specimen plant of a dwarf alpine type species not to exceed 18" in height in its normal habit.
1st Wm. J. O'Brien
3rd Mrs. William Culliton
Class 6-One specimen plant of any deciduous species in series azalea.
2nd Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson quinquefolium .
Class 7-One specimen plant of any evergreen species in series azalea.
1st Mrs. William Culliton
Class 8-One specimen plant of any deciduous named variety hybrid or form in series azalea.
2nd Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson, 'Exquisita'
3rd Wm. J. O'Brien, 'Altaclarense'
Class 9-One specimen plant of any evergreen named variety hybrid or form in series azalea.
1st Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson 'Treasure'
2nd Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson 'Niagara'
Class 11-One flowering plant of any hybrid seedling not previously exhibited, this plant to be the result
of hybridization made in the state of Washington. (Parentage must be stated.)
1st Flora Markeeta Nursery
Class 15-One flowering plant of an unnamed azalea of unknown parentage.
1st Wm. J. O'Brien
2nd Wm. J. O'Brien
3rd Wm.. J. O'Brien
Section C - Cut Blooms
Class 1-Best amateur truss in show.
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Class 2-Best spray or truss in show, Class 28
1st Halfdan Lem
Section C - Cut Blooms - (Amateur Unless Otherwise Stated)
Division I, Rhododendron Species.
Class 17-One flower truss of any species in Series Fortunei.
1st Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
2nd Mrs. Evan McCord
Class 18-One spray of any species in Series Cinnabarinum.
1st Mrs. Page Ballard
2nd Mrs. Pendleton Miller
Class 19-One spray of any species in Series Triflorum
1st Mrs. William Culliton
2nd Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Class 20-One spray of any species in Series Azalea.
1st Mrs. Pendleton Miller
2nd Mr. Edward B. Dunn
3rd Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
Class 21-One truss in Series Thomsonii
2nd Mark Collarino
Class 23-One spray in Series Carolinianum
3rd Mrs. Linley Janzen
Class 24-One truss in Series Ponticum.
1st Mrs. Linley Janzen
Class 25-One truss of any other Series species.
1st Carl Fawcett
2nd Mark Collarino
3rd Mrs. Pendleton Miller
Division II. Rhododendron Hybrids.
Class 26-One truss of Loderi or any form of it.
1st Mrs. Pendleton Miller
2nd Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Class 27-One truss of a cream colored rhododendron
2nd Ralph C. Jacobson
Class 28-One truss of any yellow rhododendron.
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
2nd Edward B. Dunn
3rd, Don McClure
Class 29-One truss of any pink rhododendron
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
2nd Mrs. Henry Isaacson
3rd Mrs. Evan McCord
Class 30-One truss of any rose rhododendron
1st Wesley Langlow
2nd Mrs. Charles C. Hayter
3rd Edward B. Dunn
Class 31-One truss of any red rhododendron
1st Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Irvine
2nd Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Irvine
3rd Mr. Lloyd McKee
Class 32-One truss of any white rhododendron.
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
2nd Mrs. Wm. S. Gilbert
3rd Mrs. Henry Isaacson
Class 33-One truss or spray of an orange or apricot rhododendron
1st Mr. Edward B. Dunn
2nd Mrs. James Ellis
3rd Dr. & Mrs. Paul Kundahl
Class 34-One truss of any mauve, lavender or purple rhododendron
1st Mrs. Evan McCord
Class 35-One truss of an azaleodendron
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
2nd Mrs. Stephen E. Anderson
Class 36-One spray of any deciduous azalea hybrid
1st Mrs. Henry Isaacson
2nd Ralph C. Jacobson
3rd. Mrs. Wm. Culliton
Class 37-One spray of any evergreen azalea hybrid
2nd Mrs. B. Joslin
3rd, Mrs. B. Joslin
Class 28-One truss of any new hybrid rhododendron raised from seed by exhibitor, parentage to be stated. Open
1st Halfdan Lem
2nd Halfdan Lem
3rd, Halfdan Lem