QBARS - v17n1 Cover Story

Cover Story
Rudolph Henny

The bright gay garden scene on the cover of the Bulletin hardly lends itself to the short dark days of January. It is a scene that will be repeated in hundreds of gardens and borders in the early weeks of May. No gardener can fail to catch its spirit even though the first bloom and warm spring days are still months away. The plant in the right lower foreground is R. 'Souvenir of W. C. Slocock', directly behind it still in crimson bud is R. 'Elspeth', to the left in the background is R. 'Unique', in the extreme left is the crimson new growth of Pieris forrestii . The tree in the upper background just coming into leaf is the Scarlet Oak, Quercus coccinea , a very fine companion for rhododendrons. The transparency was loaned to the Society by the editor.