QBARS - v17n1 American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal Awarded to Mrs. A. C. U. Berry

A.R.S. Gold Medal Awarded to Mrs. A. C. U. Berry

Mrs A.C.U. Berry Gold Medal
Fig. 10. Mrs. A. C. U. Berry Receiving the
Society Gold Medal from President J. Harold Clarke
Labby photo

It is our pleasure this evening to present the Gold Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Mrs. A. C. U. Berry, an outstanding member of our Society and the first Woman to be so honored. She is widely known for her successful growing of species, not only of rhododendrons but of magnolias, gentians, primulas, lilies and dwarf alpine plants. She being regarded as an authority in both America and England is well known internationally for her horticultural achievements. Because of her love for species she has subscribed to every great plant hunting expedition from 1932 on down through the years and it is from these many expeditions that her garden is now embellished with unusual and rare plant materials.
Growing species from seed has been her prime interest and a challenge to her ability to simulate the natural growing conditions required, by many. She has been extremely generous in contributing rhododendron species plants to the National Test Garden where they are a great source of beauty and will be appreciated by visitors for many years to come.
And now to Mrs. A. C. U. Berry for her devotion to the cultivation of species, for her endless experiments with soils, for her willingness to help those who honestly search for information, for her unfailing support of our Society and for her outstanding contribution to horticulture it is our pleasure to present this Gold Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.

October 18, 1962