QBARS - v17n4 Seed Exchange

Seed Exchange

The membership has shown a very lively interest in the seed exchange and some members have already indicated that they will be able to supply some rather choice seed for distribution. Seed capsules of many rhododendrons are now showing signs of ripening, so those who plan to harvest seed for the seed exchange must keep a watchful eye on them so that they may be gathered before it is too late.  The seed is mature as soon as the pedicels start to turn brown and it is safe to gather the seed then. If the seed capsules start to split at the top, they must be gathered at once for they may open very quickly after this and the seed could easily be lost. After the seed is collected it should be placed in an envelope or cardboard box and stored in a dry place. Take every precaution to make certain that each sort is correctly labeled. It will be easier for the seed distribution committee if the seed is sent in as soon as it is harvested so that the work of preparing it for distribution can be completed as early as possible.  The committee is naturally anxious to know that the supply of seed will be adequate to meet the demand so would appreciate any advance information on probable contributions that members can supply. Address such information to: Mrs. Robert Berry, Aberdeen, Wash.