QBARS - v17n4 Portland Chapter Show, 1963

Portland Chapter Show, 1963
Merle Cisney, Camas, Wash.

The Portland Chapter 1963 annual show was held May 11th and 12th at the National Test Garden under cloudy spring skies. The cool, moist weather that had held through most of the spring, had allowed many rhododendrons to been in good condition, they were usually long out of flower by show time. A good example was the lovely 'Cornish Cross' in full bloom in the Test Garden, just a few steps from the Coolhouse.
In general, the cool weather reduced both the number of cut trusses exhibited and lowered their quality, as it had bruised and browned many trusses, others it had- caused to open unevenly and in some cases the new growth had pushed past the flower buds. All in all the show was a success.
The fine work of the judges resulted in the awards as listed.

  1. C. I. Sersanous Cup; presented for the finest truss in the show, was awarded to Cyrus T. Walker for a beautiful truss of 'Snow Queen'.
  2. Dr. Corbin Cup, awarded on points, went to Howard Slonecker.
  3. Pacific First Federal Cup, awarded for the best garden club arrangement was presented to Columbia Garden Club of Corbett, Ore.
  4. Dr. Goodman Cup, for the best new American hybrid, was presented to Bob Comerford for an outstanding entry, 'Harvest Moon' x R. yakushimanum exhibited as a plant. This dwarf, well-branched plant was covered with pale yellow trusses.
  5. The Gov. Hatfield Cup, awarded for the best red truss was won by Jean Whalley, with a fine truss of 'Earl of Athlone'.
  6. The J. B. Whalley Memorial Cup, for the best American yellow hybrid, offered for the first time this year, was not awarded.
  7. The John Henny Cup, for the best truss of a 'Naomi' variety, was awarded to Suzanne Yettick.
  8. The Frank L. McGuire Cup, presented for the best novice entry, went to Arno Ritter for a beautiful truss of 'Snow Queen'.
  9. The Portland Federal Savings and Loan Cup, awarded for the best truss of a Loderi variety, was won by Howard Slonecker with a truss of 'Loderi Venus'.
  10. The Portland Chapter Cup, awarded for the best truss of a species, was presented to the C. T. Hansens for a truss of Rock #30 This species, of the Fortunei series, was pale pink, and heavily scented.
  11. The Shipley and Co. Cup, awarded for the best spray of a species, was won by Jean Whalley with a spray of R. augustinii which was a clear blue color with a star-like center of white rays.
  12. The Portland Chapter Cup, awarded for the best Commercial Exhibit, went to Palmers Nursery for a fine display of plant material.
  13. The President's Cup, for the best plant of the featured rhododendron (Naomi varieties) was not awarded, due to lack of entries.
  14. A special Award Cup was presented to Mrs. Rae James, for a truss of the outstanding R. elliottii var. 'War Paint'. This truss contained more than twenty flowers of a dark red color with black spots.