QBARS - v17n4 Rudolph Henny's Hybrids

Rudolph Henny's Hybrids
Carl Fawcett, Tacoma, Wash.

R. 'Doris Caroline' R. 'Fair Lady'
Fig. 39  'Doris Caroline' P.A. received its
award in 1960. The cross was 'Loderi' x
'Lady Bligh'.
Fig. 40.  'Fair Lady' P.A. is a seedling of
R. arboreum x 'Loderi Venus'.

How fortunate we are to have in our gardens so many fine hybrids introduced by Rudolph Henny. Those who knew "Rudy" and visited with him in his garden are more fortunate, as we have many pleasant memories of a most kind and inspiring gentleman.
In my garden, near the waters of Puget Sound, twenty-six varieties of the Henny hybrids are grown. All seem to be most happy. Although the majority are grown in full sun they do not mind; the sawdust mulch and plenty of water overcome the lack of shade.
Naturally some varieties become favorites real soon 'and I shall list below the plants I believe will give much satisfaction to the collector. Parentage and full descriptions of the varieties will be found in "Rhododendrons for Your Garden" and the Bulletins.

LEONA: Truly a fine rhododendron; the large pink trusses conform nicely with the foliage. My plant is five feet in twelve years, grows well in full sun and buds nicely each year.
CAPTAIN KIDD: P. A . 1960. This I do like; low growing, attractive dark green foliage. The large flowers are truly red in a loose truss. A two year plant will bud; the growth habit is contorted and twisted and is apt to be leg y. Grown in full sun a five year plant will lose its open growth and form a low spreading shrub.
C. I. S: P. A . 1952. This seems to be everyone's favorite, different, when well grown is exotic. Prefers afternoon shade for best results.
ELLA : A dense compact plant; should be classified as a dwarf. A little slow to bloom as a young plant, the attractive foliage and growth habit overcome this handicap. Plant with 'CIS' for a nice combination.
LITTLE SHEBA: P. A. 1954. If you like the dwarf type rhododendrons this will certainly please you. A forrestii hybrid with large red flowers, hardier than most forrestii hybrids grown in the Northwest.
CAPTAIN JACK: P. A. 1956. Another fine plant, wonderful trusses of good red flowers, handsome foliage and upright in growth.
Other Henny hybrids that show promise of becoming outstanding rhododendrons in my opinion are, 'Flatterer' P. A., 'Moontide' P. A., 'Roseann' P. A., 'Confection' P. A