QBARS - v17n4 In Memory of Rudolph Henny

In Memory of Rudolph Henny

Rudolph Henny
Fig. 30. Rudolph Henny 1890-1963

The sudden passing of Rudolph Henny was a stunning blow to his friends in the American Rhododendron Society. A founding member, editor of the Bulletin almost from its inception, a long time rhododendron breeder with over 80 named varieties to his credit, a frequent speaker at Chapter meetings, and a friend of all, Rudolph came close to being the indispensable man in the Society.
At his funeral the suggestion was made, "We must put out a Memorial Issue of the Bulletin dedicated to him." Rudolph would probably have vetoed it for he was never one to play up personalities in an organ he conceived to be strictly for information about rhododendrons. But the story of the development of rhododendrons in the Northwest, or in any area, is the story of those who made such development possible. And so we present these comments from a few of his friends, in a tribute which no doubt expresses the feelings of countless others.
Few others have, or will in the future, so ably serve both this organization and the group of plants which is its major interest. He served by creating-new varieties to beautify the gardens and delight the senses-a new publication to carry the message of these beautiful plants throughout the country and to many foreign lands. His plants will continue to increase and spread their influence in an ever-widening circle. We owe it to him to see that the publication he built so well does not falter, but that it also continue to serve the expanding world of plant lovers who pay special homage to the rhododendron.