QBARS - v17n4 Rhododendron Varieties Named by Rudolph Henny

Rhododendron Varieties Named by Rudolph Henny

The following list was compiled from the names appearing in American Rhododendron Society publications. Column 3 indicates the first date of publication, in the Bulletin, as indicated by month and year, or in "Rhododendrons 1956," indicated by R56. The variety names first published in July 1963, and those "to be published" were submitted by Mrs. Henny. It is noteworthy that the parentage is known for all but a very few of this long list.
There is a bit of confusion about the variety 'George Grace', originally published as 'Grace.' However there is another 'Grace' registered under the name of Rothschild, carrying the date 1939. Perhaps that, coupled with the fact the variety was named in honor of George Grace anyway caused him to make the change before it was distributed, and so it appears in the International Register as 'George Grace.'

R. 'Leona'
Fig. 42.  'Leona', one of Rudolph's favorite hybrids.

R. 'Red Cloud' R. 'Dr. Ross'
Fig. 41.  'Red Cloud' P. A. is 'Tally Ho'
x 'Corona'.  This picture was taken in
Rudolph Henny's garden.
Fig. 43.  'Dr. Ross', one of Rudolph
Henny's earlier introductions.
Variety Parentage Published Award
Amy Ann Parentage Unknown Jan. '63
Attar R. decorum (Barto Seedling) Jan. '63
Blackie 'Moser's Maroon' x 'Arthur Osborn' Jan. '60
Brickdust R. williamsianum x 'Dido' Jan. '60
Bunting 'Fabia' x 'Dr. Stocker' Jan. '60
Callagold R. dichroanthum x R. wardii July '63
Caper R. williamsianum x 'Hiraethlyn' July '63
Captain Jack 'Mars' x R. enogymun July '56 P. A. 1956
Captain Kidd 'Princess Elizabeth' x 'May Day' Oct. '60 P. A. 1960
Cathy 'Corona' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Cavalier 'Pygmalion' x 'Tally Ho' R. '56
Ceramic R. wardii (Selfed) Jan. '60
Chat 'Albatross' x R. wardii Oct. '60
Chatterbox 'Arthur Osborn' x R. didymum Jan. '60
Cheerio R. wardii x 'Rosy Morn' R. '56
C .I .S. 'Loder's White' x 'Fabia' July '52 P. A. 1952
Confection 'Corona' x 'Dondis' July '56 P. A. 1956
Cotillion 'Fabia' x 'Naomi' Jan. '60
Custard 'China' x R. decorum Jan. '63
Doll 'Corona' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Variety Parentage Published Award
Doris Caroline 'Loderi' x 'Lady Bligh' Oct. '60 P. A. 1960
Dr. Ross R. griersonianum x 'Borde Hill' R. '56
Earlybird R. williamsianum x R. fargesii Jan. '60
Ella R. dichroanthum x R. wardii R. '56
Ermine ;Britannia' x 'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare' Jan. '60
Evelyn 'Loderi Venus' x 'Britannia' R. '56
Fair Lady R. arboreum var. roseum x Loderi Venus July '59 P. A. 1959
Fairytale 'Loderi' x R. arboreum var. roseum Jan. '63
Finch R. desquamatum (Barto Seedling) July '57
Finesse R. souliei/i x 'Bowbells' July '56
Flatterer 'Corona' x 'Lady Bessborough' July '57 P. A. 1957
Forest Fire 'Tally Ho' x 'Britannia' R. '56
George Grace 'Loderi' x 'Borde Hill' July '52 P. A. 1952
Goldbraid 'Fabia' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Goldbug R. croceum x 'Fabia' R. '56
Golden Days 'Dondis' x R. dichroanthum July '59
Goldstrike R. oreotrephes x 'Royal Flush' Jan. '62
Griselda 'Fabia' x 'Margaret Dunn' R. '56
Highnoon 'Earl of Athlone' x 'Fabia' R. '56
Honey R. wardii x 'Bowbells' Oct. '60
Hoopskirt 'Rosy Morn' x 'Dido' R. '56
Hotshot R. eriogynum x 'Mars' R. '56
Idol 'Loderi King George' x 'Britannia' July '57 P. A. 1957
Jade 'Fabia' x 'Corona' R. '56
Kathy Doll 'Corona' x 'Dondis' July '63
Kinglet R. racemosum (f.19404) x 'Finch' July '63
Kismet 'Grenadier' x 'Pygmalion' R. '56
Lake Labish 'Lady Bligh' x 'Loderi Venus' July '55 P. A. 1955
Last Chance 'Mars' x R. eriogynum Oct. '57 P. A. 1957
Lemon Bells R. decorum x 'Fabia' R. '56
Leona 'Corona' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Lipstick 'Fabia' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Little Birdie 'Humming Bird' x R. forrestii var. repens July '57
Little Patty R. forrestii var. repens x 'Humming Bird' Oct. '58
Little Pudding R. decorum x 'Fabia' July '53 P. A. 1953
Little Sheba ('Earl of Athlone' x 'Fabia') x R. forrestii var. repens July '54 P. A. 1954
Mamie R. souliei x 'Bowbells' Jan. '62
Maryann 'Corona' x 'Dondis' R. '56
Ming 'Albatross' x R. wardii Oct. '60
Mirage 'Fabia' x 'Margaret Dunn' R. '56
Mitzi R. croceum x 'Fabia' R. '56
Moonlight Tango 'Mars' x 'Diva' To Be Pub.
Variety Parentage Published Award
Moontide R. wardii x 'Loderi' July '55 P. A. 1955
Pinwheel Parentage Unknown July '63
Pow Wow 'Earl of Athlone' x 'Fabia' R. '56
Quinella 'Britannia' x 'May Day' R. '56
Red Cloud 'Tally Ho' x 'Corona' July '53 P. A. 1953
Redhot 'Britannia' x 'Elizabeth' Oct. '58
Red Snapper 'Azor' x R. griersonianum R. '56
Red Tape 'Earl of Athlone' x 'Fabia' R.'56
Redwax R. haematodes x 'May Day' July '57 P. A. 1958
Roseann 'Loderi Venus' x 'Britannia' July '56 P. A. 1956
Rose Pageant R. discolor x 'Corona' To Be Pub.
Solitude 'Britannia' x 'Fusilier' R. '56
Sparkle Plenty 'Pilgrim' x 'Redcap' July '63
Spotlight R. griersonianum x 'Cornubia' July '51 P. A. 1951
Sunset 'Earl of Athlone' x 'Fabia' R. '56
Topaz 'Loderi' x 'Faggetter's Favorite' Jan. '63
Tatoosh 'Britannia' x 'Loderi Venus' R. '56
Tidbit R. dichroanthum x R. wardii July '57 P. A. 1957
Voodoo 'Britannia' x 'May Day' July '52 P. A. 1952
Whimsey R. souliei x 'Bowbells' July '57
Wink 'Loderi' x 'Mrs. Mary Ashley' Oct. '60 P. A. 1960
Yellow Jacket R. croceum x 'Fabia'