QBARS - v18n3 The Front Cover

The Front Cover

Some months ago the Directors approved the idea of selling the front cover of the Bulletin for advertising purposes. This is the most conspicuous spot and one where readers would, presumably, like to see some of the new varieties just becoming available. Our cover this month is the first of such pictures tied in with an advertisement in the back part of the Bulletin. The subject, 'Dora Amateis', was produced by Edmond Amateis who at that time lived at Brewster, N.Y. Mr. Amateis, a well known sculptor, is perhaps best known to rhododendron fans for having done the illustrations for Mr. David Leach's book "Rhododendrons of the World." This variety has proven unexpectedly hardy considering that one parent is a species of the Maddenii series. It is R. carolinianum X R. ciliatum . It is being introduced by Mr. Warren Baldsiefen.