QBARS - v18n3 New York Chapter 1964 Show

New York Chapter 1964 Show
Betty Hager, Show Co-Chairman

Under the beech trees of Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, with a background of specimen rhododendrons and azaleas to enhance our exhibits, the New York Chapter held its annual Rhododendron Show on May 24th. Although we had an exceptionally hot day with many garden blooms showing signs of wilting, a record number of trusses was entered-469. This year we incorporated a "Special Class for New Exhibitors" which was successful in encouraging 10 new members who entered trusses not only in this class, but in competition in other classes as well. Out of 42 exhibitors, 34 were awarded ribbons.
BEST OF SHOW was awarded to 'Parker's Pink', from the garden of Mr. Peter J. LoTruglio. BEST AZALEA of SHOW was a deep orange, Exbury Seedling, awarded to Mr. J. D. Zimmerman, a new exhibitor.
Many thanks go to our outstanding judges Mr. William Efinger, Dr. Gustav A. L. Mehlquist. Mr. Benjamin Pecherer, Mr. John Schamenek. and Dr. R. J. Seibert.
Special appreciation is extended to our Show Co-Chairman, Mr. William Bowden and to Director Gordon Jones of Planting Fields who generously gave their time and efforts early in the morning and at the closing in order that we could properly display our exhibits. and without whose cooperation this show would not have been possible.
Show Co-Chairmen: Mrs. Emil F. Hager, Jr., Mr. William Bowden. Hospitality Co-Chairmen Mrs. Sidney V. Burns, Mr. Sidney V. Burns. Mr. Gordon Jones.
Classifications: Mr. Paul Vossberg (Advisory Chairman), Mr. Alan Goldman, Mr. P. J. LoTruglio.
We wish to thank each volunteer who thoughtfully served in various capacities, including John Cedfeldt, Mrs. W. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. H. Dumper, Mr. R. Emmerich, Mr. L. Fillinger, Dr. C. Hillyer, Mrs. M. Hyde, Mrs. W. Kes, Mr. R. Kruse, Mrs. B. Lotowycz, Mrs. W. McKay, Mr. R. Murcott, Mr. and Mrs. L. Nielsen, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rehoul, Mrs. K. Royce, Mr. R. Schill, Mrs. H. Schlaikjer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Schuldes, Mr. R. Small, Mr. D. Tonge.
Among first prize winners were William H. Long, Jr., Mrs. Hugo Schlaikjer, H. Dumper, Sidney Burns, Douglas Tonge, J. D. Zimmerman, P. L. LoTruglio, R. R. McGregor, Henry Feil, Nathaniel Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Helen Sechtman, Nathan Ziering, Target Rock Farms, Henry Fuller, L. A. Nielsen, Alan Goldman, W. Posner, Mrs. K. Royce, Mrs. R. P. Burr, P. Berman, Oliver and Simson Nurseries.
Rhododendron species and varieties receiving first place awards were R. fortunei , R. smirnowii , R. keleticum , R. litiense , 'John Walter', 'Meadowbrook', 'Album Novum', 'Boursalt'. 'Bow Bells', 'Kluis Triumph', 'Mars', 'Lady Bligh', 'Black Beauty', 'Cynthia', 'Trilby', 'Queen Mary', 'Ida Rubenstein', 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Faggetter's Favorite', 'Mother of Pearl', 'Sappho', 'Blue Peter,' 'Purple Splendour', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'Helen Everitt', 'Parker's Pink', 'Dexter Orchid', and 'America' plus some unnamed seedlings.
Winning azalea varieties included 'Dir. Moerlands', 'Coccinea Speciosa', 'Orange Exbury', 'Snow', 'Seafoam', 'Louise Gable', 'Palestrina', 'Ruth May', 'Pinnacle', and R. kaempferi .
A collection of outstanding seedlings came from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps.