QBARS - v19n1 The Garden of William R. Coe, Jr.

The Garden of William R. Coe, Jr.

Rhododendrons at W. R. Coe Jr. Home
Fig. 5.  Azalea and rhododendron plantings along the wooded
drive approach to the home of W. R. Coe, Jr.
Gottscho photo

W. R. Coe, Jr., the eldest son of the late Mr. William R. Coe, has, like his father, a great interest in plants, especially rhododendrons and azaleas. Eight years ago Mr. Coe, Jr. purchased a beautifully situated, wooded hillside overlooking quiet ponds just minutes from his former family home, "Planting Fields."
The landscape architectural firm, Innocenti and Webel, were commissioned to develop the site plan for the home to be built, the circulation and gardens. The house was so located that all of the living rooms and terraces take maximum advantage of possible vistas overlooking the ponds and rolling wooded terrain beyond.
Mr. and Mrs. Coe's lovely home is approached by a long, curving drive through oak woods under planted with hundreds of azaleas, rhododendron hybrids in considerable variety, native laurel and thousands of spring flowering bulbs. Most of these plants, many of them fine large specimens, were moved from their former home, "Meadowspring," in Glen Cove, L. I.
Interesting features of the garden are waterfalls along the slopes and the many wildflowers and herbaceous plants flowering through the spring and summer. Interesting also is the fact that there is not a square foot of grass to be maintained. Groundcovers and mulches keep the garden's maintenance to a minimum.