QBARS - v19n1 Another Early Rhododendron Show

Another Early Rhododendron Show
Ben Lancaster, Camas, Wash.

The report in the October A.R.S. Bulletin of the early season rhododendron show held last April in Seattle made very interesting reading and prompts us to report our own. Sensing the long felt desire among rhododendron fanciers for the opportunity of displaying their early blooming varieties and species our Camas-Washougal Men's Garden Club, whose membership is composed largely of Portland Chapter A.R.S. members, decided to do something about it several years ago.
Last April 11th & 12th marked our third fully scheduled early rhododendron competition with some 50 odd classes listed. Our schedule of classes is patterned after official A.R.S. show standards to accommodate the early blooming types with more classes added as needed. Show committees are composed of A.R.S. members with long experience. All judging is by experienced A.R.S. judges. The new American hybrid class promotes a lively competition among the local clubs, several rhododendron breeders and other 'bee cheaters' from here and yon! Directors of the Portland Chapter always bring a nice exhibit of rare species and hybrids from our Test Garden at Crystal Springs Lake Island. With our show improving each year and interest steadily increasing our Men's Club have a tiger by the tail and can't let go!
Anyone interested in entering our early rhododendron competition should contact Show Chairman Dr. David Goheen, Merle Cisney, Club President John Henderson or myself about the last of March and show schedules, dates, etc. will be mailed to you.
The proposed date for the 1965 show, to be held at the Nora Self Hall in Camas, Wash., is April 10th and 11th. Northwest Chapters are cordially invited to participate. Bring your entries Friday evening or Saturday morning until 11:00 A.M. and win some official Men's Garden Club ribbons.