QBARS - v19n1 American Rhododendron Society Membership

American Rhododendron Society Membership

At the Board Meeting on November 22, the A.R.S. Directors voted to inaugurate a drive to double our membership in two years. Our members have been reasonably diligent in asking their friends to join our Society. By and large that is how it has grown to its present size of over 2200. A little greater effort will help it grow a great deal faster. To encourage that growth, President Dunn appointed a Membership Committee. As prices go up the margin left after the actual cost of the Bulletin and other fixed costs decreases. As the Society develops, more rather than less in the way of services will be desired by the membership. As long as there is a margin between fixed costs her member and dues receipts per member, then the more members we have the greater will be the amount the Society will have to work with. Although more members will help the Society financially that isn't the only factor. We believe you will be doing your garden-minded friends a favor by getting them interested in the Society.
There are many ways new members can be reached. Your Chapter Secretary has application blanks giving a brief statement about the Society. Additional blanks are available from the Executive Secretary. Often all that is necessary is to get application blanks in the hands of interested persons. Some Chapters offer various inducements such as plant materials to new members. It is hoped that each Chapter will get an active Membership Committee to functioning to encourage 1965 membership.