QBARS - v19n1 Nominating Committee


President Dunn has asked the following members to serve on the Nominating Committee:

Donald McClure, Seattle, Washington.
John Eichelser, Olympia, Washington.
Louis C. Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
Mervin B. Vater, Eugene, Oregon.
James P. Beury, Jr., Margate, New Jersey.
Donald McClure is Chairman of the committee.

All officers and elective Directors are up for re-election or replacement except those Directors listed as having terms expiring in 1966. The names of the various nominees presented by the Committee will appear in the April Bulletin together with short paragraphs indicating their qualifications. A printed ballot will be mailed out to all members approximately April 15. Suggestions for nominations may be made to any members of the Nominating Committee.