QBARS - v19n1 Undergraduate Scholarship Presented to Michigan State University

Undergraduate Scholarship Presented To Michigan State University

A scholarship for an undergraduate in Horticulture has been established by Mr. Arthur Elliott, a well-known azalea grower and hybridizer in Otter Lake, Michigan. The undergraduate scholarship for $200 is to be awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement and is given in memory of the late Dr. Jud Haney of the Horticulture Department. The scholarship for the current school year was recently presented by Dr. Kenneth Sink to Gordon DeVries, a junior in Ornamental Horticulture from Holland, Michigan. Gordon will evaluate methods for rooting deciduous azalea cuttings as a project for the scholarship.

Mr. Elliott is a past president of the Great Lakes Chapter. He has blueberry interests in both Michigan and Florida. Although some growers are successfully rooting deciduous azaleas this would seem to he a fruitful field for investigation. - Ed.