QBARS - v19n3 Annual Meeting Pictures


Gold Medalists, David Leach and Henry Skinner Gordon Jones
Fig. 32.  Gold Medalists, David Leach left and
Henry Skinner right argue some
obtuse horticultural theory.
P. H. Brydon photo
Fig. 33.  Gordon Jones, Director of the
Arboretum at Planting Fields telling the
Annual Meeting visitors about plants to
be seen.

Mrs. John F. Knippenberg
Fig. 38.  Mrs. John F. Knippenberg, Wayne, N.J., gives a warm welcome
to touring A.R.S. members after providing them with a delicious lunch.
J. H. Clarke photo

Home of Mr. and Mrs. Jean Cattier
Fig. 42.  Tour members relaxing on lawn at home of Mr. and Mrs. Jean
Cattier, Locust Valley, N.Y.
J. H. Clarke photo

Annual meeting garden tour Planting Fields
Fig. 40.  A typical scene on the Annual
Meeting garden tours.
J. H. Clarke photo
Fig. 39.  Planting Fields lawns set off beautifully
the magnificent trees and shrubs,
including many fine rhododendrons.
J. H. Clarke photo

W. R. Cole Jr Garden W. R. Cole Jr Garden & Pool
Fig. 41.  Part of the W. R. Coe, Jr. garden
visited by the Annual Meeting
P. H. Brydon photo
Fig. 43.  A.R.S. visitors inspect the swimming pool at
the W. R. Coe residence.
J. H. Clarke photo