QBARS - v19n3 Henry Skinner & David Leach Awarded Gold Medals

Henry Skinner and David Leach
Awarded Gold Medals

Henry T. Skinner Gold Medal Citation

Henry T. Skinner has done important work for Rhododendrons and Azaleas and many other plants for over thirty-five years.
Trained at Wisley, he became research assistant and instructor at Cornell and then curator of the Morris Arboretum.
In preparation for his Ph.D. thesis he traveled some 25,000 miles along the Eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida and as far west as Indiana and Texas to study our native Azaleas. He located the "population centers" of many of the species, studied the occurrence of natural hybrids, and selected, described and brought into cultivation hundreds of distinct and superior forms of these species. Since 1952 he has served as Director of the United States National Arboretum with great distinction. He has brought the Arboretum to its present high standard of excellence, and has through his writings and lectures awakened great interest in horticulture.
The American Rhododendron Society is proud to award its Gold Medal, with this citation, to Dr. Henry T. Skinner for his services in botany and horticulture in general and in particular for his work on the native Azaleas of our Eastern States.

Edward B. Dunn, President
Carl H. Phetteplace, Chairman of Committee on Honors

Dr Henry Skinner and David Leach Gold Medal Awardees
Fig. 31  Gold Medal recipients, Dr. Henry Skinner, left,
Mr. David. G. Leach, right, Pres. Edward B. Dunn, center,
holds the beautifully engrossed citations.
P. H. Brydon photo

David G. Leach
Gold Medal Citation

The award of the Highest Honor of the Society is hereby given to you, David Goheen Leach in acknowledgment of your contribution to horticulture.
As a breeder of rhododendrons you have achieved new standards of beauty and hardiness in a difficult climate.
As an author you have made notable contributions to rhododendron literature not only through numerous papers but also by the production of your book "Rhododendrons of the World" recognized throughout the world as a definitive and comprehensive work on the subject.
As a general promoter of interest in rhododendrons and your untiring efforts in the development of your Chapter you deserve the grateful recognition of all members of the society.
Therefore, in appreciation of your meritorious efforts in the development of the rhododendron, the American Rhododendron Society takes great pleasure in awarding you its Gold Medal.

Edward B. Dunn, President
Carl H. Phetteplace, Chairman of Committee on Honors