QBARS - v19n3 New York Chapter Rhododendron Show

New York Chapter Rhododendron Show
Betty Hager
Corresponding Secretary, New York Chapter

N. Y. Chapter Flower Show
Fig. 36.  Members and visitors seriously studying the varieties exhibited a
New York Chapter Show.
J. H. Clarke photo
N. Y. chapter show at Planting Fields Arboretum
Fig. 37.  New York chapter at Planting Fields Arboretum.  The Annual
Meeting program, meals and banquets were held in the building
in the background. The editor can identify Russell, center
background facing the camera, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koenig,
center looking at exhibits, and Gustave Landt, right of center.
J. H. Clarke photo
Thomas Wheeldon & Reid Denis
Fig. 44.  Thomas Wheeldon, M.D., Pres. of Middle
Atlantic Chapter in deep conversation with
Mr. Reid Denis, author of the article in the
April Bulletin on "Standardizing Descriptions
within the Genus Rhododendron ."
J. H. Clarke photo

Blue skies and cool weather greeted us at our Flower Show held May 23, 1965, at Planting Fields Arboretum. With guests from sixteen states present for the Annual Meeting of A.R.S., we were delighted to accept 323 trusses for display at our show tables. Our chapter especially appreciates the thoughtfulness of those members who brought trusses from distant areas for our show and meeting: Mrs. James P. Beury (Margate, N.J.), Dr. F. W. West (Gladwyne, Pa.), Dr. Thomas F. Wheeldon (Richmond, Virginia), and Dr. and Mrs. John C. Wister (Swarthmore, Pa.).
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Aurora, Oregon, displayed several beautiful trusses and won an award for his White Azalea, 53-18 X 53-2C, while another award was given to Mr. R. Roy Forster, of Vineland, Ontario, Canada, for his specimen plant, R. impeditum X R. racemosum . We appreciated seeing the trusses from the U. S. National Arboretum, brought by Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Director. The rosette for the Best of Show was given to 'Parker's Pink', exhibited by Mrs. Edythe G. Griffin, while the Best Azalea was judged to be 'Glacier', grown by Mr. Philip Berman.

First Prize winners were:

Mrs. James P. Beury, 'Pink Twins'
Mr. Philip Berman, Azalea 'Glacier,' 'Palestrina'
Mrs. R. P. Burr Azalea, kaempferi hybrid, Azalea unknown red seedling
Mr. Henry Dumper, Azalea 'Gibraltar'
Mr. F. E. Eberstadt, 'Faggetter's Favorite', Azalea 'Narcissiflora'
Mr. Robert Emmerich, Azalea 'Lorna'
Mrs. Edythe G. Griffin, 'Parker's Pink', 'Hollandia', 'Van Nes Sensation' and Azalea 'Magnifica'
Mrs. Emil F. Hager, Jr., 'Van Weerden Poelmann'
Mr. N. E. Hess, 'Pink Pearl', 'Mrs. Ida Rubenstein'
Mr. Fred Knapp, 'Boule de Neige', 'Black Beauty', 'Blue Peter' and 'Scintillation'
Mr. Peter D. Mirabella, 'Cynthia', 'Everestianum', 'Goldsworth Yellow' and 'Mrs. A. T. de La Mare'
Mrs. Oscar Robbins, 'Mrs. P. den Ouden', 'Jean Marie de Montague' and Azalea 'Pink Pearl'
Mrs. Hugo C. Schlaikjer, 'Unnamed Dexter Seedling'
Mr. J. D. Zimmerman, Azaleas 'Princess Royal', 'Strawberry Ice'

It is interesting to note that two new exhibitors, Mr. Fred Knapp, and Mr. P. D. Mirabella, who had never entered a show before, each won four first prizes. Special Awards were given to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps for a magnificent collection of seedlings, and to Mrs. Hugo C. Schlaikjer for her Dexter collections. Flower arrangements were introduced for the first time into our show, and awards were given to Mrs. Fred Knapp and Mr. L. A. Nielsen.

The New York Chapter is sincerely grateful to:
Our excellent judges: Mrs. C. R. Haag, Dr. S. 0. Curry, Dr. G. A. L. Mehlquist, Mr. B. Pecherer, Professor Radcliffe B. Pike, Mr. John Schamenek.
Our Classification and Identification Chairmen: Dr. Clement Bowers, Mr. Paul Vossberg and Mr. Nathaniel E. Hess.
Our Show Chairman: Mr. Richard Murcott and all the members of his committee.
Planting Fields Arboretum, for the beautiful setting for our show, with appreciation to Director Gordon E. Jones, and Superintendent of Planting Fields, Mr. William C. Bowden.