QBARS - v19n3 Portland Rhododendron Show

Portland Rhododendron Show - May 8-9
Mrs. A. R. Lindsley, Sr.
Sec. Portland Chapter

In spite of the harsh weather conditions following a mild fall, some fine blossoms were entered in the Rhododendron Show sponsored annually by the Portland Chapter. Dr. David Goheen was this year's chairman.

  • Trophy winners were Cecil Smith, the C. I. Sersanous trophy for the Finest Truss in show with 'Lady Bligh.'
  • Cecil Smith, highest number of award points, Dr. Corbin trophy.
  • Mrs. Saul Dorfman, Wilson Weeders Garden Club, "Weathered Beauty" arrangement, Pacific Stoneware trophy for Best Flower Club arrangement.
  • John Henny, 'Fabia' X R. yakushimanum , Dr. Goodman trophy for best new American hybrid.
  • Milton R. Nelson, 'Britannia,' Governor's trophy for best red truss.
  • Cyril H. Ward, 'Naomi Nautilus', John Henny trophy for best truss of Naomi Variety.
  • Mrs. R. L. Godfrey, 'Bowbells', Frank L. McGuire trophy for best Novice entry.
  • A. W. Kraxberger, 'Loderi Venus'.
  • Cyril Ward, R. decorum pink, Dr. Berthelsdorf trophy for best truss of a species.
  • Cecil Smith, R. hanceanum nanum, Dr. Mossman trophy for best spray of species.
  • Mrs. George Grace, R. calendulaceum , Peter Binford trophy for best Spray of Deciduous azalea.
  • Milton R. Nelson, Jean Marie de Montague, President's trophy for best truss of featured rhododendron.
  • William Gutormsen, 'Treasure,' Fred Meyer trophy for best spray evergreen Azalea.
  • A. W. Kraxberger, 'Idealist,' J. B. Whalley trophy for best yellow hybrid.
  • Hillside Nursery, Portland Wholesale Nursery trophy for best commercial display.

Howard Slonecker was runner-up for the highest number of points. Ben Lancaster received a blue ribbon for the best plant exhibited. Blue ribbon winners in the exhibits of rhododendron and azalea trusses or sprays in addition to those receiving trophies were Wales and Ruth Wood, Mrs. John Henny, L. Lucas, Jean Whalley, Susan Yettick, N. Willamette Experiment Station, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Walker, Ed Parker, Arno Ritter, Mrs. P. Tusi, George Grace, A. R. Lindsley, Melva Clarke, Mrs. Leo Isler, Fred 0. Nathan. Second and third place winners, not mentioned above included Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grothaus, S. J. Thomas, B. Wahlgren, George W. Clarke, Mrs. Wm. Wanker, Mel and Eileen Peters, Mrs. Wm. H. Mankin, Mr. and Mrs. H. Fraundorf, Mrs. George Root, Bob Whalley, Mrs. George Walker, Mrs. Cleo Lafayette.
Receiving blue ribbons for their garden clubs were: Mrs. Fred Sutterfield, Circle Gardeners; Mrs. Ora Steele, Mrs. Saul Dorfman, Wilson Weeders; Wayne Batty. Second and third awards were given to Mrs. S. N. Greatwood; Congenial Gardeners; Mrs. H. W. Simmons; Mrs. Leo Isler, Arleta Garden Club; Esther Krish.
We dedicate our last sentence to all the dedicated Portland Chapter members who worked before, during and after the show to make it a worthwhile event.