QBARS - v19n3 Minutes of the Annual Meeting

May 22, 1965
Dr. Robert Ticknor, Secretary-Treasurer

Mr. Sidney V. Burns, President of the New York chapter, presided at the annual meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. on May 22, 1965 at the Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, L. I., New York.
Mr. Burns introduced the local committee which included: Co-chairmen, Mr. Gordon Jones and Mr. Wm. Bowden; Secretary, Mrs. Betty Hager; Tour Arrangements, Mrs. Dorothy Schlaikjer; and Flower Show, Mr. Richard Murcott. Mr. Burns then introduced Mr. Edward B. Dunn, President of the American Rhododendron Society who presided at the business session.
Pres. Dunn first introduced the national officers present. These included Vice President Carl Phetteplace, M.D.; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Robert Ticknor; Executive Secretary, Dr. J. Harold Clarke; and National Board member, Mr. Cecil Smith.
The results of the national election were reported as follows: President, Edward B. Dunn; Vice President, Carl Phetteplace M.D.; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Robert Ticknor; Directors, Mr. Charles H. Anderson, Mrs. Robert Berry, Mr. Merle Cisney, Mr. Robert Comerford, Mr. Russell Coovert, and Mr. Alfred Martin.
The treasurer's report indicated a small decrease in reserves occurred in the 1964-65 fiscal year. This decrease would have been greater had it not been for the sale of publications. It was suggested that the best way to reduce the deficit was to increase the membership. A complete treasurer's report is presented elsewhere in the bulletin.
The chapter roll call indicated the following chapters were represented at the annual meeting: California, Eugene, Great Lakes, Middle Atlantic, Mid-West, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Princeton, Seattle, Southeastern, and Tappan Zee. Only seven of the twenty chapters were not represented.
Dr. Clarke reported that the present membership of the society is approximately 2,500. A chapter membership contest has been started with the chapter recording the highest percentage gain to receive $100 worth of rhododendrons. Individual members can help the society grow by signing up their friends. Advertising in the bulletin has been increased. It would be desirable to have still more advertising.
Site of the annual meeting for 1966 has not been chosen.
The ratings committee could use help in revising the ratings. Plans for eventual ratings for heat resistant varieties have been mentioned in the bulletin. The seed exchange under Mrs. Berry has been very successful. A change has been made in the awards policy to include the P.A. Award. It is hoped that all P.A. plants will be evaluated for the A. E. Award. Names for new varieties should be submitted to the registrar before the plants are distributed to prevent duplicate names being used. Work is progressing on the new book; but since a major portion will be the revised ratings, this committee will need help. More articles are needed for the bulletin. The fiscal year has been changed from a "May 1 to April 30" year to a "January 1 to December 31 year." This will permit the annual audit to more truly reflect the finances of the society.
President Dunn reported that a by-laws revision committee has been appointed which includes all chapter presidents. This should eliminate any regional bias from this committee.
Vice President Phetteplace, acting as chairman of the honors committee, presented Dr. Henry Skinner and Mr. David Leach to President Dunn who read citations and presented to each the Gold Medal of the Society.
The following resolution was offered by the members of the Middle Atlantic Chapter, "The people of Virginia were most happy and pleased with the meeting and were pleased that the damn Yankees could do so well."
Mr. Harold Epstein, chairman of the program committee presented the banquet speaker, Mr. James Russell, Sunningdale Nurseries, Windlesham, Surrey, England. Mr. Russell's talk "A Hybridist's View of New British Varieties and Species Forms" will be printed in the Bulletin.