QBARS - v19n4 Annual Meeting - 1966

Annual Meeting - 1966

The next Annual Meeting of the American Rhododendron Society is to be held in Tacoma, Washington, May 13, 14, 15, 1966. The Tacoma Chapter is already making extensive plans for this meeting and it is hoped that members all over the country will start to give serious consideration to attending.
The meetings will he in Sherwood Inn, a brand new motel in the edge of Tacoma, adjacent to Highway 5, which is a freeway, the main road between Portland and the south, and Seattle and the north. There will be a Rhododendron Show, of course, in the fabulous new Tacoma Mall.
The Co-Chairmen for the Annual Meeting are Fred Robbins of Puyallup and Mr. Bruce Briggs of Olympia. Mr. Frank Guhr of Tacoma is in charge of reservations. The Publicity Chairman is Mr. John Eichelser of Olympia. The Show Chairmen will be Mr. and Mrs. Robert Badger of Tacoma. Serious thought is being given to the arranging of tours which will enable visitors to see some of the very fine gardens in the Tacoma area. Mr. Warren Berg of Kent, Washington is Tour Chairman.
The program is not yet completed but it will include figures internationally known in the Rhododendron World.
It should be remembered that the Tacoma Chapter, under the able leadership of its President, Mr. Roy Hacanson of Puyallup, won the membership contest for 1965 by almost doubling the Chapter's membership. Putting on the Annual Meeting will give this vigorous Chapter an outlet for its energies.
At some of the past Annual Meetings of the Society the attendance of local members was not very heavy. This was due, in some cases at least, to a feeling of the committee in charge that the somewhat limited facilities for the meetings might be over-taxed and suggestions were made that the preference he given to members from a distance. There will be ample facilities at Tacoma for all who want to come. Chapter members should consider it a real privilege when an Annual Meeting is held within their general area. It provides them with an opportunity of hearing many fine speakers on the subjects of interest to every rhododendron grower. It also gives them an opportunity to meet with others of like interests, from a distance, and to exchange ideas and views which will be mutually helpful. There are several Chapters within reasonable distance of Tacoma and so the Annual Meeting should be well attended.