QBARS - v19n4 Another Membership Contest

Another Membership Contest

At their last meeting, the A.R.S. Board of Directors approved another membership Contest for 1966. This will mean another $100.00 worth of rhododendron plants to the winning Chapter.  Since the winner is based on the percentage increase of 1966 members over the number in 1965, and since memberships sent in now, unless specified otherwise, are good for 1966, we might say that the contest is underway. It will be seen from the account of the winning Chapter's methods of operation that it helps to have a contest within a contest; that is, a contest within the Chapter with appropriate prizes or rewards of some kind. This contest benefits the Chapter and so stimulation of activity in this field is beneficial to all concerned.  There are no forms to fill out or special procedures to follow. Memberships received in the office of the Executive Secretary will be totaled and the percentage of increase calculated. The deadline for receiving new memberships to count in the contest is June 1, 1966.