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How It Was Done - Membership Drive

The successful Membership Drive in the Tacoma Chapter was spearheaded by a most active Membership Committee with Warren Berg, Chairman, George Harrison, Pat Cummins and Roy Hacanson. They made it both interesting and profitable for members to bring new members into the Society as there were awards for both. The awards for the member were a choice Exbury hybrid azalea, propagated from a cutting (2 year old), for the first new member brought in; a R. metternianum or some other rare rhododendron if they brought in a total of three new members; a large specimen hybrid for the person bringing in the most new members in March, the same in April, and the same in May; Grand Prize awarded at the end of the year; for the person bringing in the most new members, an oil painting of their favorite rhododendron by Japan's leading floral artist. These paintings have been conservatively appraised at $150.
The awards for the new member were a five pound box of Nu-Life Fertilizer and a rhododendron. The Committee was able to get specimen plants to give to the persons bringing in the second and third most new members each month during the membership drive.
Dr. William E. Avery brought in the most new members and was awarded the Grand Prize. He chose to have R. bureavii painted by the artist. Mr. Orris Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hall, new members themselves, were second and third respectively. They each received large specimen plants for their efforts.
As a result of the drive, which ended June 1 st , the Tacoma Chapter took in 80 new members.