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Pictures Unrelated To Text

R. 'Cilpinense' Fig61.
Fig. 58.  A plant of 'Cilpinense', a group variety,
growing in the Test Garden at Portland. This
particular clone opens with a distinct pink flush
later fading to almost white.
Photo by Cecil Smith
Fig. 61. R. proteoides growing on a stump in a
garden of Cecil Smith.  This plant was raised from
seed from the 1948 Rock Expedition. This species
is in the Taliense series and has creamy yellow to
flushed rose flowers. It blooms quite early in the
Photo by Cecil Smith
Possibly a natural hybrid, of R. fortunei and R. decorum
Fig. 59.  This plant may be a hybrid, possibly a natural hybrid, of R. fortunei and
R. decorum
There are hairs on the filaments which would indicate decorum or
decorum relationship. This is the plant from which have come some of the hybrids
raised by Del James of Eugene.
Photo by Carl Phetteplace, M.D.