QBARS - v1n1 New Officers and Directors Elected

New Officers And Directors Elected

At the regular quarterly meeting of the American Rhododendron Society in Portland, Oregon on January 30, 1947 the following officers and directors were elected:

President, John Henny, Jr., Brooks, Oregon
Vice-President, R. C. DeClements, Bremerton, Washington
Secretary, George Grace, Portland, Oregon
Treasurer, E. R. Peterson, Portland, Oregon

John G. Bacher, Portland, Oregon
Arthur O. Wright, Milwaukie, Oregon
Howard J. Slonecker, Oak Grove, Oregon
Dr. Royal Gick, Eugene, Oregon
Donald L. Hardgrove, Baldwin, N. Y.
Joe M. Johnson, Portland, Oregon
P. H. Brydon, Salem, Oregon
James Brennan, Edmonds, Wash

President Appoints Committees
Committees to promote special activities of the American Rhododendron Society appointed by President Henny for the year 1947 were announced at the January meeting after the election of officers. Following is the list of committee members:

Dean Collins Portland, Ore.
George Grace Portland, Ore.
R. M. Gatke Salem, Ore.

Show Design
Clarence Prentice, Chairman, Seattle, Washington
Joe M. Johnson, Rhododendron Show, Portland, Ore.

Kingdon Ward Expedition
John G. Bacher, Portland, Ore.
P. H. Brydon, Salem, Ore.
Donald G. Graham Seattle, Wn.

Rhododendron Test Gardens
Howard J. Slonecker, Chairman, Oak Grove, Oregon

Arthur O. Wright, Chairman, Milwaukie, Oregon

C. I. Sersanous, Portland, Oregon
Sam Benson, Portland, Oregon
Donald G. Graham, Seattle, Washington

Publications and Publicity
Milton A. Foland, Chairman, Portland, Oregon