QBARS - v20n1 Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

Mr. Edward B. Dunn announces the following as his appointees to the Nominating Committee:

  • Mr. Chris Johnson, Pres. of the Seattle Chapter, Chairman, Mercer Island, Wash.
  • Mr. Louis Grothaus, Pres. of the Portland Chapter.
  • Mr. Roy Hacanson, Pres. of the Tacoma Chapter.
  • Mr. George Arrington, Pres. of the Philadelphia Chapter.
  • Mr. Daniel Morris, Pres. of the Eugene Chapter.

Suggestions for nominations may be made to any members of the Nominating Committee. The April Bulletin will carry the names of the various nominees presented by the Committee together with short statements as to their qualifications. A printed ballot will be mailed to all members approximately April 15.  To be elected are six Directors whose terms expire in 1966. The incumbents are George Grace, John Henny, Donald McClure, Donald Patrick, Merle Saunders, and Cecil Smith. The By-laws also provide "the names of any paid-up members, submitted for a particular office by any group of five paid-up members, must be included in the ballot if in the hands of the Nominating Committee by April first when nominations are to be closed."