QBARS - v20n2 Membership Contest for 1966

Membership Contest for 1966

The success of the 1965 membership contest evidently stimulated the Membership Chairman, Bob Comerford of Marion, Oregon to bigger and better things. Early in the year he sent out a letter entitled "Pandora's Box Contest." That is a good name for it as at the present time no one knows just what the prize will be, but it will certainly be extremely worthwhile.
The letter went to a long list of nurserymen who have shown their interest in rhododendrons over the years and asked them to donate a plant or plants to the prize lot. It was also suggested that some individuals might wish to donate a plant or two and if so they would be welcome. The Society is planning to pay the cost of shipment of plants from donor to winner.
Plants offered as part of the prize up to date are as follows:

  • From Kammer's, Puyallup, Washington-4 Exbury azaleas, winner's choice.
  • From Briggs Nursery, Olympia, Washington-4 plants from the following list: 'Leona' 15-18" 'Corona' x 'Dondis' (R. Henny); 'Red Cloud' 15-18" 'Tally Ho' x' Corona' (R. Henny 1953); 'Graf Zeppelin' 12-15" 'Pink Pearl' x 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent' (C. B. van Nes & Sons); 'Anna Rose Whitney' 12-15" griersonianum x 'Countess of Derby' (Whitney 1954); 'Dr. Ross' 12-15" griersonianum x 'Borde Hill' (R. Henny); 'Voodoo' 10-12" 'Britannia' x 'May Day' (R. Henny); 'White Olympic Lady' 1012" 'Loderi King George' x williamsianum (Clark).
  • From Warren Baldsiefen, Bellvale, New York-A small plant of Dave Leach's selection of yakushimanum 'Mist Maiden' valued at $25.00; a 10-12" plant of 'Anna Baldsiefen' valued at $10.00, a small plant of metternichii var. tsukusianna valued at $10.00, and a small plant of new Leach hybrid soon to be released, 'Janet Blair, valued at $12.50.
  • From Ted Van Veen, Portland, Oregon: 1 'Autumn Gold', 1 'Evening Glow', and 1 'Virginia Richards'.
  • From Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Heuser, Indian Run Nursery, Robbinsville, New Jersey: 1 18-24" 'Wyanokie'. This is an H-1, white flowered, Guy Nearing introduction.
  • From James S. Wells Nursery, Red Bank, New Jersey: 6 9-12" Selected Ilam azaleas, vegetatively propagated; 1 10-12" Dexter Hybrid, 'Scintillation'; 1 10-12" Dexter Hybrid, 'John Wister'; 1 10-12" Wells introduction, 'Woodlawn'; 1 10-12" Gable Hybrid, 'Katherine Dalton'.
  • From Peter E. Girard, Girard Nurseries, Geneva, Ohio: 2 5-7" Azalea 'Princess Alba'. Received P.A. in Cleveland, May 1964; 2 5-7" Azalea 'Sandra', beautifully ruffled, large flowers of brilliant rosy-lavender; 2 5-7" Azalea 'Liliflora', large hose-in-hose white, unusually long trumpet shaped blossoms; 2 5-7" Azalea 'El Capitan', large bright red flowers.
  • From A. Shammarello & Son, Nursery, South Euclid, Ohio: 1 'Hino-Red' Azalea, Patent 2507, dense low habit, hardy to -20°, scarlet red flowers, mid May bloom, 18", high, 3" wide in 10 years; 1 'Hino-White' Azalea, Patent 2508, vigorous dwarf resembling 'Hino-Crimson' in habit. Olive green foliage, pure white flowers. Mid-May bloom, hardy to -15°.

The contest will follow the rules used last year with the exception that it will run the complete year and not just for the first six months. The prize will be awarded on the basis of percentage increase in membership. The plants go to the Chapter and may be used in any way they wish.
The Membership Committee would be glad to have additional donations from any other nurserymen who may wish to provide plants, or from individuals. Send information to the Executive Secretary as to type of material to be provided and this information, together with the names of the donors. will he printed in the next Bulletin.