QBARS - v20n2 Report of the Nominating Committee

Report of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, as printed in the January Bulletin for this year, consisted of Mr. Louis Grothaus, Portland Chapter; Mr. Roy Hacanson, Tacoma Chapter; Mr. George Arrington, Philadelphia Chapter; Mr. Daniel Morris, Eugene Chapter; Mr. Chris Johnson, Seattle Chapter, Chairman.
The President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer were elected last year for two year terms. The ballot this year, therefore, will carry only the names nominated for two year terms as Director. Of the twelve Directors elected at large by the A.R.S. membership, six are elected each year for two year terms. The Committee presents the following nominees:

  • Warren Berg of Kent, Washington, member of the Tacoma Chapter. Mr. Berg is a pilot for Northwest Airlines and has made a number of contacts with rhododendron growers in Japan. He has also toured English gardens and occasionally shares his experiences with other Chapters by way of illustrated talks.
  • George Grace of Portland, Oregon. Mr. Grace is a former Secretary of the A.R.S. and has been active in its behalf from the very first organization. He is now a Director.

  • John Henny, Brooks, Oregon. Mr. Henny, another incumbent, is a former President of the A.R.S. and has also been active from the beginning. Donald McClure, Seattle, Washing ton. Mr. McClure is an incumbent. He has been President of the Seattle Chapter and active in many Society activities for many years.
  • Merle Saunders, Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Saunders has been active in the rhododendron field for the last twenty years. He started the organization in Eugene which developed into the Eugene Chapter. He has been President of his Chapter and is now a Director of the Society.

  • Cecil Smith, Aurora, Oregon. Mr. Smith is one of the present Directors and has served in that capacity long and faithfully. Many members have benefited from his generosity in sending pollen for breeding purposes. Many others have visited his beautiful garden and have associated with him in many Society activities.
  • Thomas Wheeldon, M.D., Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Wheeldon has been President of the Middle Atlantic Chapter from its beginning and as such has been a Director of the Society. The Committee reports that Dr. Wheeldon is planning to resign as President of his Chapter and so would no longer be a Director ex officio. Dr. Wheeldon has developed one of the finest azalea collections in the country and has also accumulated a very large number of rhododendron varieties. He is a surgeon but has found time to develop a rhododendron and azalea nursery business as well.

Ballots will be in the mail shortly.