QBARS - v20n2 Mid-Winter Meeting

Mid-Winter Meeting
Thomas Wheeldon, M. D.

The mid-winter meeting of the Middle Atlantic Chapter was held at the Executive Motor Hotel, Richmond, Virginia on February 19, 1966. At a well-attended meeting with our usual spread of members from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, there was a reception followed by dinner and an address by Dr. Ernest Yelton of the Southeastern Chapter. Dr. Yelton spent considerable time in England and Scotland in 1965 and made a study of rhododendrons from the point of view of what could be learned that would help us, rather than that of just viewing plants beautiful in that environment, but of little practical value in our area. Dr. Yelton is a superb photographer, as well as a plantsman of real merit.
Following Dr. Yelton's program, slides of authenticated Exbury cultivars were shown. These had been sent to us by Mr. Ellis A. Jones of Eugene, Oregon, whose work with this group is familiar to all.
In the course of the evening, John Schamenek of the Philadelphia Chapter reviewed the excellent program of the conjoined meeting of the Philadelphia and Middle Atlantic Chapter, which will be held May 20, 21, 22 in Philadelphia at the Warwick Hotel. It is hoped that this is the first of many conjoined meetings of Eastern Chapters in an annual overlapping manner. We hope to have a conjoined meeting of the Middle Atlantic and the Southeastern collaborate with Calloway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia in 1968. Fred Galle is already looking forward toward this. In this way the members of the entire Eastern area will become acquainted and rhododendron friends.
As usual, at our meetings the spirit of everyone's pulling together was shown again by the cordial atmosphere and the beautifully arranged and decorated dining room. The event was characterized by a tremendous feeling that everyone was glad to see everyone else, and learned a great deal as well.