QBARS - v20n3 Our Front Cover

Our Front Cover

Although the garden on the Rhododendron Island in Portland contains some magnificent individual rhododendron specimens it also contains good examples of different types of landscape use of rhododendrons. The cover picture, taken this spring by the Editor, shows a winding path down the hillside, through the rock garden area. This hillside was landscaped a few years ago by members of the Portland Chapter. Many large stones were brought in and placed to provide pockets for low growing rhododendron and azalea varieties and species together with a few companion plants. This planting has now reached a sufficient stage of maturity to provide a good picture of what can be done with members of the rhododendron genus in hillside planting where rocks can be effectively used. At the foot of the slope the path runs along the margin of the water which surrounds the island. To the left this marginal path extends to the bridge leading across the peninsula area to the parking space at the top of the hill.