QBARS - v20n3 Welcome New Chapters

Welcome New Chapters

We were somewhat remiss when, in the last Bulletin, we did not extend a special editorial welcome to the then newest American Rhododendron Society Chapter. That was the Connecticut Chapter which started off under the able leadership of Dr. Serbin as President and H. Lincoln Foster as Secretary with 39 members. Of these 13 had been members of other Chapters, mostly New York, and 26 were new. Best wishes for your rhododendron activities.
And now we have another, the North Kitsap Chapter which comes in with a nice group of new members as indicated in our list of new members in this issue. The President is Howard A. Short and the Secretary is Mrs. Melvin T. Klinefelter. Welcome to the American Rhododendron Society. For the benefit of our members at a distance the North Kitsap area is on the peninsula just west of Puget Sound and east of Hood Canal in the state of Washington.